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People who remember Scooby Doo's The Blair Witch Project episode thought it was a dream
Featured Image Credit: United Archives GmbH/Alamy Stock Photo/Cartoon Network

People who remember Scooby Doo's The Blair Witch Project episode thought it was a dream

Yes, it really happened

Remember Scooby Doo's The Blair Witch Project episode? Maybe you do, maybe you don't – or perhaps you're somewhere in between like the people who thought it was some kind of fever dream.

For those not in the know, back in 1999 when The Blair Witch Project dropped and subsequently terrified audiences across the globe, Cartoon Network decided to air a Scooby Doo parody episode.

Buzzfeed's Maya Ogolini brought the topic up this week, pointing out that it was so unsettling, some viewers buried it in the back of their minds.

Of course, it's nowhere near as terrifying as the horror movie itself – the episode, which aired on Halloween, saw the Mystery Gang heading into the haunted woods before being stalked by a spooky monster.

The creators filmed live-action scenes and animated Scooby, Shaggy, Daphne, Velma and Fred over the top for authenticity, with the episode featuring interviews with real people and writer Larry Morris' actual Mystery Machine van.

Much like the original Blair Witch, the special is in found footage style, telling the story from the perspective of the characters as their expedition descends into creepy chaos.

For comedic effect, they imitated a number of scenes from the film, including the moment the team wake up to find some sort of bizarre arrangement outside of their tents – except instead of rocks, it's made up of Scooby Snacks.

Who left those Scooby Snacks there?
Cartoon Network

It was such a break from the norm, The Scooby Doo Project left some people convinced it was a Mandela Effect moment, whereby they'd simply dreamed it up in their heads.

This was reflected in the comments of the full episode on YouTube, with one person writing: "For 20 years I thought this was just a dream or that I was crazy having false memories.... But it's actually real.

"That visual of Shaggy in the corner and the gang acting out of character and actual screams of real fear has haunted me for years.

"No matter who I'd bring it up to they'd either not remember it or think I was making it up entirely. Then today out of the blue it pops up in my recommended. Like wtf is up with 2022, man??"

Another said: "I thought these were a fever dream of mine for the longest time, scared the crap out of me as a kid.

"I think it was mostly because the VA's did a good job of sounding actually terrified. They are really fun and creative though, love the live action/cartoon mix."

A third added: "Can't believe this was real and the characters I grew up and loved didn't sound like themselves half the time it made me a bit terrified."

Well, it is real and now we have the evidence to prove it – mystery solved.

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