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Original Power Rangers cast reunites in first trailer for 30th anniversary special

Original Power Rangers cast reunites in first trailer for 30th anniversary special

Rita Repulsa is back too

The original Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers cast are reuniting to take down the evil Rita Repulsa one more time.

That's right, to mark 30 years of Power Rangers, many of the original gang are getting back together for Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Once & Always. Check it out:

Returning as Blue Ranger Billy Cranston is David Yost, who has appeared in a whole host of Power Rangers TV projects including Power Rangers Zeo, Life After Power Rangers, Power Rangers: Rise of the Ninja, and Power Rangers Dino Fury.

The first Black Ranger Zack Taylor will be played by Walter E Jones, who first appeared in the Power Rangers back in 1993, and has appeared in projects like Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, Power Rangers Wild Force and Life After Power Rangers.

Also returning are Catherine Sutherland, who played the second Pink Power Ranger Kat Hillard, Steve Cardenas, who played the second Red Ranger Rocky DeSantos, Karan Ashley, who played the second Yellow Ranger Aisha Campbell, and Johnny Yong Bosch who played the second Black Ranger Adam Park.

And finally, Barbara Goodson will make a triumphant return as the voice of villain Rita Repulsa.

The original Power Rangers are back.

When the Power Rangers reunion was first announced, fans were devastated to learn that Amy Jo Johnson, who played the original Pink Ranger would not be returning.

Asked about her decision not to come back to the franchise, Amy Jo clarified to fans: "For the record I never said no…I just didn’t say yes to what was offered. But other fun stuff is in-store! Looking forward to watching my friends kick ass! "

Also notably missing from the reunion special is actor Jason David Frank, who had previously played Tommy Oliver the Green Ranger.

Frank sadly passed away in November 2022 aged just 49.

The reunion special will pay tribute to another late Power Rangers star, Thuy Trang, who died in 2001 in a tragic car accident.

Trang had played the first Yellow Power Ranger Trini Kwan.

In the reunion special trailer, there's a massive shock for fans when it's revealed that Rita Repulsa killed Trini the Yellow Ranger.

The reunion special will drop on 19 April.

Actress Charlie Kersh will play Minh, Trini's daughter, who delivers the absolutely devastating blow to hardcore Power Rangers fans in the reunion trailer.

Now the Power Rangers must work together to stop Rita from using a 'time portal' to go back in time and stop the Power Rangers from ever teaming up and getting their powers from Zordon.

The original Rangers will have to come back together one more time to stop the reincarnated Rita.

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Once & Always will drop on Netflix on 19 April.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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