People Calling New Netflix Reality Series The Best Thing They've Seen All Year

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People Calling New Netflix Reality Series The Best Thing They've Seen All Year

A new Netflix series about 'spoiled young adults' has shot into the streamer's Top 10 list after viewers have described it as the 'best show' they've seen in a long time.

'Snowflake' is a term that's come to mean a lot more than a frosty sprinkle from the sky in recent years, no doubt thanks in part to Piers Morgan and his love of dismissing anyone he offends as such.

Nowadays, 'snowflake' is often used in relation to young people, usually because they've been dubbed 'oversensitive' for just speaking their mind about what they believe is right, or 'fragile' after having apparently been sheltered in their young lives.


It's this latter meaning that appears to have been put to use in Netflix's series Snowflake Mountain – check out the 'snowflakes' for yourself below:


The eight-part series focuses on a group of 10 young people from both the US and the UK who are sent to a wilderness survival retreat by their friends and family in a bid to force them to try and cope without their usual safety nets.

Led by two military veterans, the contestants face challenges such as swimming across a lake to retrieve a bag of food, floating on a raft, learning to make a fire and learning how to skin a deer – a world far from the more usual creature comforts of Instagram and food delivery services.


Contestants are in with the chance to win $50,000 at the end of the series, though it's their actions throughout the ordeal that have captivated and entertained many Netflix users.

"Snowflake Mountain might be the best show I’ve seen in a long time," one fan wrote, adding: "Wholly entertaining."

After watching just three episodes, another viewer dubbed it 'hands down' the best show they've seen this year.


One Twitter user urged other people to watch the series, writing: "I strongly recommend Snowflake Mountain on Netflix. We have laughed out loud every few minutes. This was a genius idea for a show."

The series is filmed in England's Lake District, which is famous for its natural beauty, but it doesn't do much to impress the contestants after they were duped into thinking they were off on a nice two-week holiday.

In an interview with ITV's This Morning, contestant Liam admitted he had his 'new clothes' and 'designer trainers' and was 'ready to party' until he realised what he was really in for, at which point he was left 'traumatised'.

Snowflake Mountain currently sits in fourth place in Netflix's Top 10 TV shows, so to see how the naïve youngsters get on, stream the series for yourself now.


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