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Pedro Pascal explained how to survive zombie apocalypse 8 years before starring in The Last of Us

Pedro Pascal explained how to survive zombie apocalypse 8 years before starring in The Last of Us

The actor had a very pragmatic approach to what he'd do during a zombie apocalypse

The internet has just discovered that Pedro Pascal revealed how he would try to survive a zombie apocalypse, almost a decade before starring in The Last of Us.

The classic party ice breaker question about how to stay alive during the hypothetical uprising of the undead has intrigued, baffled and excited people for decades.

Some folks say they'd hide in a mall, others would try to find other human survivors while a few would grab a weapon and fight the zombies themselves.

The closest experience you can get to being in a real zombie apocalypse is by pretending to be in one in a hit TV show, like Pascal, who currently stars as Joel Miller in the recently renewed video game HBO adaptation of The Last of Us.

Eight years before he fought fungus-controlled infected on the small screen, the Narcos star took part in an Ask Me Anything Q&A on Reddit.

Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsay in The Last of Us.

Pascal had a surprisingly pragmatic answer when one fan quizzed: “How long would you last in a zombie apocalypse?”

His vision of a zombie apocalypse kind of sounded like 28 Days Later and the Will Smith blockbuster I Am Legend, largely due to Pascal’s dedication to saving his dog’s life (we’ll always love you, Sam).

Pascal also credited his mum’s ‘good genes’, but said the fact he gets ‘out of breath really easily’ could render him dinner for the hypothetical ‘rabid zombies’.

He began: “One of my favourite movies is 28 Days Later, and I used to think about this a lot after I watched that movie because I feel like it’s such a terrifyingly realistic possible circumstance, that a virus would turn these people into rabid zombies, so I kind of wondered often how I would survive.

Neither Ramsay or Pascal had played the video game before being cast in the adaption.

“I remember that I had a dog at the time, and I knew that I would have to keep her alive at all costs.

“I don’t know exactly how well I would do, but I would probably do everything to keep myself and my friends safe.”

The Game of Thrones star explained: “I might not last that long because I would probably sacrifice myself to save a family member or something like that.

“I’d like to think so anyway.

“I would say that so far I’ve been pretty lucky because my mom has good genes, and that’s gotten me by, I am capable of watching more hours of television that I am doing exercise in a week, so it would really depend.

“I actually get out of breath really easily. So I think in a zombie apocalypse I would have to rely a bit more on my brain rather than my body.”

Pascal’s plan received lots of praise in the comments when his AMA answers were re-shared on Reddit this week in light of his new highly praised role.

Pascal’s plan received lots of praise in the comments.

“I love how serious his answer is, he really thought it through,” one Reddit user said.

“It’s endearing and adorable,” someone replied.

“Well he is doing pretty well in a zombie apocalypse now,” a fan gushed.

Another penned: “He really put a lot of thought into that response.”

While someone else wrote: “This is so sweet for some reason.”

Based on the 2013 video game of the same name, The Last Of Us follows Joel (Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey), who face the challenge of trying to make it across the US to a quarantine zone after modern civilisation gets destroyed by a virus.

The third episode of The Last of Us is set to arrive on Sunday (29 January) on HBO and Sky Atlantic.

Featured Image Credit: HBO

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