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People laughing at trailer for Owen Wilson superhero movie which 'gives away entire plot'

People laughing at trailer for Owen Wilson superhero movie which 'gives away entire plot'

Owen Wilson's Secret Headquarters has a Rotten Tomatoes audience score rating of 54 percent

People reckon the trailer for Owen Wilson's new superhero movie 'gives away the entire plot'.

The 53-year-old's new Secret Headquarters has been met with a mixed response on social media after the film skipped cinemas all together and went straight to streaming on Paramount Plus.

Watch the trailer for Secret Headquarters below:

The synopsis for the film reads: "A kid discovers the secret headquarters of a powerful superhero hidden beneath his home and must defend it with his group of friends when villains attack."

Alongside Wilson, the movie will feature, Walker Scobell (The Adam Project), Jesse Williams (Grey’s Anatomy), Keith L. Williams (Good Boys), Momona Tamada (The Baby-Sitters Club), Abby James Witherspoon (Hot Pursuit) and Michael Peña (NARCOS: Mexico).

And it seems some people have already made their minds up about the movie after just seeing the trailer, with one person sarcastically commenting: "I love when a trailer gives away everything."

Another added: "It's crazy how they put the whole movie in the trailers nowadays."

Someone else said: "Thanks for the trailer/whole plot and saving me my precious time from watching this movie."

People reckon the trailer for Owen Wilson's new superhero movie 'gives away entire plot'.
Paramount Plus

For those who have already watched the film, it hasn't exactly been the best received, as the Rotten Tomatoes' reviews show.

The 1 hour 29 minute film received a 44 percent among critics, with an audience score of 54 percent.

One critic wrote: "There are moments of real wit (when was the last time you saw a movie use Pig Latin?), though not enough to compensate for the fairly tired, somewhat confused action sequences."

Another added: "It feels like a collection of cute ideas that they tried to mash into a kids' film, but it never comes together."

However, not everyone was negative, as one fan of the film said: "Unassuming and good-natured, a perfectly fine family entertainment."

The film tells the story of a kid who discovers the secret headquarters of a superhero.
Paramount Plus

A second wrote: "It doesn't pander to teens – ahem, young adults – but rather it meets them where they're at, and it's made with warmth rather than cynicism. That makes it stand out..."

"With a PG-rated humor that parents can enjoy too, Secret Headquarters feels like the movie equivalent of the fun uncle who speaks to you like an adult, but also drives a mean Mario Kart," another added.

Tanya Giles, chief programming officer at Paramount Streaming, said: "We have seen tremendous success with our high-quality kids and family content, and are excited to add this special superhero movie to our growing slate of Paramount+ original films."

Secret Headquarters is streaming now on Paramount+

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Featured Image Credit: Paramount Plus

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