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Former Wizards of Waverly Place actor who became an adult film star reacts to sequel
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/danleebenson / Eric McCandless/Disney Channel via Getty Images

Former Wizards of Waverly Place actor who became an adult film star reacts to sequel

Dan Benson spoke about the future of his character after the sequel was announced

One of the stars of Wizards of Waverly Place has reacted to the news of a sequel for the show after he started a new career making adult films.

For millions of kids - myself included, of course - Justin, Alex and Max were a staple of after-school viewing.

Wizards of Waverly Place ran from 2007 to 2012 on Disney Channel, following the young wizards as they experimented with their powers while simultaneously trying to deal with the struggles of being teenagers.

Stars David Henrie, Selena Gomez and Jake T. Austin have all gone on to develop their careers since the show came to an end, but this week it emerged that a pilot for a sequel has been ordered by Disney.

Both Gomez and Henrie are set to return as executive producers, with Henrie also starring as a series regular while Gomez will guest star in the pilot.

The sequel will welcome a number of new faces, but one original cast member who's concerned for the future of his character is Dan Benson, who played Justin's best friend Zeke in the original series.

Dan Benson played Zeke in Wizards of Waverly Place.

After the series came to an end, Benson decided to quit acting with the hope of making more money as an adult film star.

He revealed last year that he makes 'so much money' that he's scared to even reveal the figures, but while his new career has proven successful, he did have some questions about what it meant for Zeke.

In a TikTok video reacting to news of the sequel, Benson said the news was 'hype', but joked: "Oh boy, what have I done?

"I waited like 13 years... as soon as Dan becomes a porn star, let's reboot Wizards again!

"You guys suck. I'm just kidding."

Benson went on to question what the creators of the sequel might do with Zeke's character, wondering if they would 'act like he doesn't exist', or perhaps 'recast him'.

Dan Benson fears Zeke might be recast.

The former actor clearly wasn't happy about the second possibility, saying: "Oh my god is there going to be someone else playing - no. No!"

It's unclear yet whether Zeke will feature in the series as it moves the focus on to new characters, but Benson's followers indicated that they'd be glad to welcome him back even despite his change in career.

"Petition for Zeke to come back also," one TikTok user wrote on Benson's video, while another commented: "My immediate comment on david's [Henrie's] thing was 'I'm excited to see Zeke again'."

Though Zeke's future remains uncertain, Gomez expressed her excitement for the series as she shared a picture of her and Henrie on set and wrote: "We're back!"

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