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Sydney Sweeney's grandparents had the most unexpected reaction to seeing her nude scenes in Euphoria
Featured Image Credit: Amazon Prime Video/HBO

Sydney Sweeney's grandparents had the most unexpected reaction to seeing her nude scenes in Euphoria

The actor reveals she 'wasn't thinking' when she invited her whole family to the premiere.

Sydney Sweeney has revealed the surprising reaction her grandparents had to seeing her get naked on screen in Euphoria.

The 26-year-old actor rose to fame for her role as Cassie in hit HBO series Euphoria, a teen drama which features many moments of alcohol consumption, drug-taking, sex and nudity.

Sweeney's character takes part in multiple scenes of the latter, something the actor slightly forgot when inviting her whole family to the premiere of the series.

Appearing on Ellen Degeneres' The Ellen Show in 2022, the host asked how Sweeney's parents 'feel' about the more x-rated and nude scenes in Euphoria as well as 'the whole show really'.

In a clip from the interview posted on YouTube, Sweeney explains: "For the premiere, I invited my entire family [...] like my grandparents, my uncle. I was like, 'It's the Hollywood premiere like you gotta come!'

"And we were all sitting next to each other and giant screen, like ginormous screen. I was on the floor."

Sweeney notes she 'wasn't thinking' when she invited her whole family, explaining she was just 'so excited' by it all she forgot about the nude scenes they were about to see.

But how did her grandparents react?

Sydney Sweeney did some topless scenes in Euphoria.

Well, Sweeney jokes: "They said I have the best tits in Hollywood."

The actor then reveals her grandma is actually sat in the audience of The Ellen Show, the camera quickly swinging around to show her.

Ellen resolves: "Alright then, grandma approves." And sure enough, Sweeney's grandma gives the cameras a big thumbs up.

Sweeney's grandparents' avid support of her role in the series and career subsequently acts as even more of a middle finger up to trolls who decided to go around tagging members of her family in photographs taken of her nude scenes in Euphoria.

Sweeney has faced trolling for her nude scenes in the series.

In an interview with GQ, Sweeney reflected on the dark irony of the situation, noting: "You have a character that goes through the scrutiny of being a sexualised person at school and then an audience that does the same thing."

The actor called the tagging 'completely disgusting and unfair' and noted any backlash she's received for the scenes has simply made her want to 'play characters that p*ss people off more'.

Sweeney has also spoken out about the 'stigma against actresses who get naked on screen' and the double standard she believes exists when women do nude scenes opposed to men.

So, given Sweeney has voiced she was completely comfortable getting naked in Euphoria and felt fully support by screenwriter Sam Levinson - and her grandparents approve too - trolls should stop crying about it and find something else to do.

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