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Woman who went viral following Sydney Sweeney dietician scam speaks out on 'terrifying' ordeal
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/Todd Williamson/Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Woman who went viral following Sydney Sweeney dietician scam speaks out on 'terrifying' ordeal

The young woman has gone viral for all the wrong reasons

Sydney Sweeney's so-called 'dietician' has spoken out about her image being used in a scam about the celebrity.

In recent days, a now-deleted video was doing the rounds on social media of an image of a young woman who was claiming to be The White Lotus star's dietician.

Over the image, it was captioned: "I was Sydney Sweeney's dietician for 5 years this is how I helped her get her dream role with 5 easy food swaps."

Sweeney was quick to debunk the video, however, commenting: "I don't know you and kraft mac and cheese is for life."

It's since been revealed that the photo of the young woman was actually taken from someone's Pinterest page without their permission - and they're not a dietician at all.

Georgia Smith*, who didn't want to share her name in light of the unwanted internet attention she's received, has spoken to UNILAD about what she's described as a 'terrifying situation'.

"People called me a liar"

"This whole situation has been so crazy to me! I post content on Pinterest for people to save for inspiration," she said.

"I have 250k monthly viewers on my page right now, but very few followers. I am used to getting notifications of people saving my pins, though I always assumed they were just saving them to their boards for inspiration themselves! I never imagined that they would be used in a video, let alone in a negative light (and furthermore to be blown up on the internet)."

The real woman featured has revealed her image was 'stolen' online.

Georgia went on: "I think the worst part of this situation has been the context of it. The original video posted by the scammer was a sliding photo format (like the one on TikTok that slides automatically), but the post going viral was a screenshot of the video side-by-side to Sydney Sweeney's tweet.

"As a result, many people assumed it was a screenshot from a recorded video of me. Since the original video posted was deleted, there was no way for people to see that it was an image of me that easily could have been stolen from anywhere."

She went on to say that she 'wanted to stay silent hoping the whole situation would just go away on its own', but began to fear that it would affect her future job prospects.

The image has so far had 48k impressions on Pintrest, making it hard to know who the culprit is.

Georgia doubled down on not wanting to have a large social media presence, and has since made her Instagram page private 'so people would not assume I was commenting hoping to gain followers or more attention from this'.

She's received both negative and positive comments in light of the stressful ordeal.

"I had lots of people replying and showing me so much kindness in a rather terrifying situation," Georgia told us.

"As the internet does, I received some hate and people calling me a liar, which was really hard for me to read - I am a 20-year-old college student who has never received any sort of hate comments in my life."

"Something like this could easily happen to anyone."

Addressing Sweeney commenting on the viral video, Georgia said she was 'saddened to have had my face wrongly associated with such a damaging scam', but applauded the actor for shutting down the false claims.

She concluded: "I hope that people can learn from this, both regarding their own safety and what they read online. Something like this could easily happen to anyone, and I encourage people to learn from my situation and proceed with caution when posting their face on the internet."

*Names have been changed to protect identity

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