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Woman sparks debate after revealing she stands up as soon as airplane lands
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@carlyweinstein1/Bob Riha/WireImage

Woman sparks debate after revealing she stands up as soon as airplane lands

Do you have the patience to stay in your seat?

A TikTok user has sparked a fierce debate after admitting she's the type of person to stand up from her plane seat as soon as the seatbelt signs are switched off.

Ah, plane etiquette. It's a topic that's really only become an issue in the last few decades - before that people were probably just elated at the idea they didn't have to spend days on a boat to get from one place to the other.

But as flying became the norm and social media allowed us to document our every thought, people have started getting more involved in the discussion of what's 'acceptable' while on board.

Tuna fish sandwiches? Absolutely not. Standing up as soon as the seatbelt sign gets switched off? Well, that one's debatable.

TikTok user Carly Weinstein, who also hosts the podcast REAL with Carly Weinstein, took to the video-sharing platform last year to admit that she falls into the category of people who jump up from their seat at the first available opportunity.

"Everyone's obsessed with talking about like sitting on the plane when the plane lands," Carly said. "Everyone's like, 'just chill out, stay in your seat, you don't need to be standing up'.

"Yeah, I realized today that I am the complete opposite of that, and I will never be the girl that just sits."

Carly admitted she was not one to stay seated after landing.

Carly said her decision to stand up stems from the mindset that she 'always [has] somewhere to be'', and that if she's been sitting on a plane for four hours, she wants to stand up.

"God forbid the row behind me gets to go in front of me because I am slacking. As soon as I get the opportunity to leave, I am sprinting off that plane," she continued.

Carly was keen to know if there was anyone else who jumped up when the plane landed, prompting a discussion in the comments section of her video.

Many people stood by Carly and even added in their own explanations for standing up, with one saying: "I'm the same exact way and if I’m not in an aisle seat I panic about how I'm getting my carry on out of the overhead."

Another agreed, writing: "I’m the same way. It’s my biggest peeve when people stay seated and don’t have any urgency to get their bags from the overhead bin."

Other TikTok users hit back at the explanations, with one critic making an entirely valid point, but one that will likely have little effect on those who have already committed to the 'standing' lifestyle.

"The row behind you is not going to get out before you," they wrote. "Standing isn’t going to make anything go faster pls just sit and wait."

Another was more concise as they shared their thoughts, writing: "Simply no."

It seems that no matter which side of the debate you stand on, you're not alone. But your behavior on the plane is still going to annoy the other side - it's just a fact of life.

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