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People think Shane Gillis will be 'fired' after his opening SNL monologue
Featured Image Credit: NBC

People think Shane Gillis will be 'fired' after his opening SNL monologue

He opened his monologue addressing his 2019 firing

Shane Gillis has officially made his Saturday Night Live return, though it didn't go down too well with fans.

The comic joined the SNL cast in 2019, but was fired just a few days later after recordings surfaced of him using racial slurs on his podcast, Matt and Shane's Secret Podcast.

But five years on from his infamous firing, Gillis made his proper SNL debut.

It was announced at the beginning on the month that he would be hosting last night's show (February 24), with 21 Savage at the musical guest.

At the time of the news, SNL fans were a little bit confused.

Someone said: "Hilarious that y'all fired him five years ago and are now having him host. Not taking a side here it's just objectively funny."

"Not sure how I feel about this," added a second.

Others seemed excited about Gillis' SNL return, however.

And as expected, his opening monologue has ruffled a few feathers.

Gillis started by addressing his 2019 firing, saying: "Most of you probably have no idea who I am. I was actually fired from this show a while ago. Don't look that up, please.

"If you don't know who I am, don't Google that please. It's fine, don't even worry about it."

Shane Gillis pictured with 21 Savage and Kenan Thompson.
Rosalind O'Connor/NBC via Getty Images

Gillis went on to say that he 'probably shouldn't be up here' and quipped that he should be at home in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, as a high school football coach.

Further on his in monologue, Gillis poked fun at his father (who was in the audience) for being a girls' high school basketball coach, and said that all little boys - himself included - are their mom's gay best friend's.

He also made some remarks about people with Down's Syndrome, which some of his family members have.

"I don't know if you can tell by looking at me, but I do have family members with Down's Syndrome," the comic said.

As the audience nervously laughed, Gillis added: "Look, I don't have any material that can be on TV."

In light of some of his more dubious remarks, some people have suggested that the comedian could be fired again.

Shane Gillis was fired from SNL in 2019.
Bobby Bank/Getty Images

"Shane Gillis might be the first person in history to be fired while doing an SNL monologue," one person penned on X.

And the rest of social media were definitely left divided by his hosting gig.

"Please do better, SNL," wrote one viewer.

"He's not the slightest bit funny," added another - but others found Gillis' monologue entertaining.

Someone penned: "That was the best monologue on SNL in over 20 years. It’s not even a debate."

"@Shanemgillis is one of the best out there right now. Unique style and every piece I see from him is absolutely hilarious," another penned.

Whether you liked it or not, it's sure got people talking.

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