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Seth Rogen confirms Emma Watson walked off the set of This Is The End
Featured Image Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images/Sony Pictures

Seth Rogen confirms Emma Watson walked off the set of This Is The End

Seth Rogen opened up about the Harry Potter actor exiting the film set back in 2021.

Seth Rogen once confirmed that Emma Watson walked off set when filming This Is the End.

The multi-hyphenated funnyman has had his fingers in many pies of late - executive producing The Boys’ spin-off Gen V, acting in Disney+’s Pam & Tommy and voicing Donkey Kong in The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

Outside of his film work, he also runs the cannabis company Houseplant with his business partner Evan Goldberg and offered fans the chance to do pottery with him at his LA home earlier this year.

But before all that, there was 2013’s disaster comedy This Is The End - a film chronicling the survival of James Franco and his array of celebrity friends.

The movie stars the likes of Jonah Hill, Kevin Hart, Channing Tatum, Michael Cera and Paul Rudd - all playing exaggerated versions of themselves.

And of course, let’s not forget Harry Potter actor Emma Watson.

Following This Is The End’s release, the rumour mill claimed that she’d actually walked off set due to a scene that she felt went too far.

The scene in question was Danny Mcbride holding Tatum, 43, on a leash, with the latter wearing a full-body leather suit.

In 2021, Rogen, now 41, discussed the improvised scene in an interview with GQ and discussed Watson, 33, exiting the set.

Emma Watson still promoted This Is The End, despite walking off set.
Columbia Pictures

Associate editor Stuart McGurk brought up the rumor before asking: "What happened? Had she not read the script properly?”

To which the Bad Neighbours star replied: "I mean, I don’t look back on that and think, 'How dare she do that?' You know?

"I think sometimes when you read something, when it comes to life it doesn’t seem to be what you thought it was.

"But it was not some terrible ending to our relationship. She came back the next day to say goodbye. She helped promote the film.”

Rogen continued to say: “She was probably right. It was probably funnier the way we ended up doing it.”

Die-hard fans of the movie will remember the embarrassing scene that This Is The End went with.

The short clip sees McBride, 47, pulling out his leashed servant, who crawls on all fours with his butt on display.

It's pretty hard to forget this scene.
Columbia Pictures

Pointing to the leather-clad victim, the antagonist says: “You see that? I'll f**king slide right into that, I do whatever I want, this my gimp.”

In reply, the man on all fours removes his mask and reveals himself to be the Magic Mike star, who then proceeds to hump McBride's leg before professing his love for his master.

It’s said that although the flick’s creators were unsure how they'd convince the Hollywood heartthrob to take on such a role, much to their surprise, Tatum was fully on board.

Although he did later admit he'd 'probably had too much to drink' when he agreed!

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