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People are saying The Boys spin-off Gen V is even better than original series

People are saying The Boys spin-off Gen V is even better than original series

Gen V certainly had big boots to fill, but many people believe it is better than The Boys.

While it's not always the case, you'll often find that spin-offs of popular film and TV shows are not as good as their original.

To be honest, this is not entirely surprising considering that spin-off projects are usually made based of an IP that has performed extremely well and is adored by critics and fans alike.

One popular show that had its own spin-off release last week was The Boys, a popular Prime Video show that started in 2019 and has three seasons to date.

The Boys sits at an impressive 93 percent Rotten Tomatoes score, so a spin-off certainly had a lot to do to try and beat it.

Well, Gen V launched on Prime Video at the end of September, taking a look at what our iconic superheroes would be like if they were in college.

The series follows a group of young prospective superheroes - or supes, as they're known in the show - as they're put through a series of rigorous games to prove they've got what it takes to be Vought's next big thing.

They have all sorts of weird and wonderful powers that get them into trouble, allowing for a rather speculator series for many to sink their teeth into.

Fans are loving Gen V.
Prime Video

Despite The Boys being adored by fans, many have flocked to social media to say they believe Gen V is in fact better than the original.

"I thought The Boys was sick but Gen V just upped it to a new level," one fan penned on X (formerly known as Twitter).

Meanwhile, legendary video game developer and filmmaker Hideo Kojima wrote: "I love 'THE BOYS,' so I watched an episode of its spin-off, 'GEN V.' Is it a superhero school? A super power school Z or a 'Euphoria' version of a super power?

"I was expecting something a little different, but it's a direct school version of 'THE BOYS'! They've gone all out!

"Blood, guts, and youth are all over the place! I was very satisfied! Oh, this is great."

Many are in the camp that Gen V is better than The Boys.
Prime Video

On the other hand, one fan still prefers The Boys, with them writing: "Gen V is so good but nothing will top The Boys."

Industry critics have also been full of praise for the spin-off, with Gen V debuting at an faultless 100 percent Rotten Tomatoes score.

Grace Randolph from Beyond the Trailer said: "One would think the magic of The Boys couldn't be duplicated, but Gen V is a fantastic extension of that edgy, clever superhero show.

"Only this time instead of the Avengers & Justice League, this is a take on the X-Men. Lots of VFX & mystery - a fun time!"

Featured Image Credit: Prime Video

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