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People spark heated debate after comparing ‘gritty’ critically acclaimed Netflix drama to ‘best show ever made’

People spark heated debate after comparing ‘gritty’ critically acclaimed Netflix drama to ‘best show ever made’

Roll up your sleeves and get ready to launch into a difficult debate

Netflix users have launched into a heated debate comparing two iconic series.

There are a whole plethora of absolute bangers which are available to watch on Netflix, however, there are two series which are renowned for being the masterpieces they are and one brave viewer has decided to take to social media to ask people to argue which one is 'better'.

It's the comparison of the century and one which is going to be hard for you to find a resolution on - prepare to immediately turn around to your colleague, friend or family member and start arguing.

Both multiple award-winning series are American crime dramas and feature central themes of drug trafficking and family.

The first sees a couple who are involved with a Mexican drug cartel relocate and get their family involved in laundering money, and the second series centres around a chemistry teacher who seeks the help of a former student to start producing methamphetamine to raise money to support his family's future after he's diagnosed with a life-limiting illness.

Ringing any bells yet? If it doesn't, I banish you to calling in sick for the next week and locking yourself in your house to binge-watch both TV masterpieces.

My face if you don't know which series I'm talking about.

Taking to LADbible's Facebook group Netflix Bangers, a user questioned: "Is Ozark better than Breaking Bad?"

Cue time freezing, social media users immediately stopping scrolling and the debate of the century breaking out. And the comments section has indeed gotten heated.

Many users on the post have chimed in unison they agree Ozark is indeed better than Breaking Bad.

One said: "Yes it is."

"Yes. Only because Ozark didn't have any dull episodes. Breaking Bad had a few dull ones. But it had a lot more episodes overall," another wrote.

Look, I'm not denying Ozark isn't incredible and captivating, but the bond between Breaking Bad actors Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul? Surely that's unbeatable?

Indeed, Breaking Bad fans have been quick to chime in, one X user even writing: "Breaking Bad is easily the best show ever made."

You getting ready to debate which series is better.

However, going for the middle ground, many have simply concluded it's 'hard to compare' the two because they are both 'great' and 'very different'.

One user wrote: "Umm no. i mean it's hard to compare. BB has the most fans in the world whereas ozark is also as good as BB."

"That's like asking which child is your favorite," another added.

A third commented: "Each one has its level of interesting ,you should watch them both."

And a fourth joked: "Breaking Bad makes the drugs...Ozark launders the drug money..."

So, what do you think?

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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