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People Blown Away By Ozark's Series Finale

People Blown Away By Ozark's Series Finale

The series four finale had some shocking twists for fans

Ozark's series four finale blew fans away, but was it the ending the series deserved?

When Netflix viewers first met Wendy and Marty Byrde in 2017, they seemed like unassuming parents caught up with cartels and money laundering.

However, as the seasons started to reveal, the Byrdes are anything but wholesome and, by the series finale, the parents and their two teenage kids had been mixed up in murders and multiple other crimes.

The series follows the Byrde family, who move to the Ozarks after being coerced into, and eventually wind-up enjoying, money laundering.

Pretty much everyone who meets the family ends up worse off, which left them with a trail of enemies and an explosive ending.

Just to pre-warn you, spoilers follow so proceed with caution.

Whether you dip in and out of the series or have seen it through to the bitter end, we can all agree on one thing — the Byrdes aren't good people.

Ozark's ending has divided viewers.

So, it's understandable that after five long years of waiting, some fans wanted the family to have some kind of comeuppance.

However, the final scenes of the series left fans, and favourite characters, blown away.

Division emerged among fans, as the series showed the murder of fan-favourite and all-around badass Ruth Langmore (Julia Garner), while the Byrdes get off pretty much scot-free, aside from a car crash, which they all survived, just reiterating that the family is pretty much untouchable.

Naturally, people took to social media to comment on the intense ending, with many highlighting how it reflected the family's unity.

One viewer wrote: "Just proved that in the end they had to stick together as a family and the kids finally realised it."

Another added: "I loved the ending! Thought it was perfect. It showed no matter what crazy is thrown at the family, in the end, they stick together. I also found Ruth terribly nippy."

And while we don't appreciate anyone talking about Ruth (the best character) like that, they do have a point.

However, not everyone enjoyed the way the show ended.

On the LADbible's Netflix Bangers Facebook group, one viewer started the conversation by simply stating: "ARE U KIDDING OZARD!?!?!"

While another added: "The end was a lil suspect unless u understand the messaging behind it! It shows that the family is untouchable by surviving the car crash. It also showed that this family will stick together until the end now."

A third put: "OZARK - Worst. Ending. Ever. There was no satisfaction in that. At all."

One echoed this, writing: "OZARK!! I'm not happy I feel like the ending was rushed."

You can make up your own mind and stream Ozark on Netflix now.

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