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Chronicles of Narnia star opens up about Greta Gerwig's adaptation of books for Netflix

Chronicles of Narnia star opens up about Greta Gerwig's adaptation of books for Netflix

One of the stars of the film of The Chronicles of Narnia has spoken about Greta Gerwig's adaptation with Netflix

One of the stars of the film version of The Chronicles of Narnia has opened up about Greta Gerwig working on an adaptation with Netflix.

William Moseley co-starred as eldest Pevensie sibling Peter in 2005's The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, and in 2008's Prince Caspian.

The movies were the first time that The Chronicles of Narnia had been adapted for the big screen, though there have also been television adaptations of the books.

And given that it's been some 14 years since the adaptation of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader was released, a new adaptation of the beloved series is in the works.

It's still in the very early stages, but one of the names attached to the project is Greta Gerwig, director of Barbie.

Since she was attached to the project, Moseley has shared his thoughts on the choice and what it could mean for Netflix's adaptation.

William Moseley shared his thoughts on Gerwig directing the new adaptation.
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Tribeca Festival

And it seems that he has only good things to say about the choice of Gerwig to direct the series.

He told Screenrant: "In terms of what I think about Gretta Gerwig directing, I think she's incredible. 'Barbie' (2023) was an amazing movie, and 'Little Woman' (2019) was brilliant.

"Everything she touches turns gold, so I think Netflix is lucky to have her, and I'm sure she will embrace the challenge. I hope she enjoys it because it's an incredible world to create, and I can't wait to see what she produces."

Another name reportedly attached to the project is Coco writer Matthew Aldrich.

With seven books to choose from and several stories which could be told independently of one another, there is a lot of source material to use.

Greta Gerwig is directing the new adaptation.
Steve Granitz/FilmMagic

At present it's not clear exactly what direction the Netflix adaptation will take.

We could see the series revisiting the three stories which have already been adapted for the big screen, but there are also four other books which have yet to see a more modern adaptation.

What we do know is that Netflix first acquired the rights to Narnia back in 2018, and Gerwig was confirmed to be on board in 2023.

As to how the Barbie director is feeling about the project, she told the Total Film Podcast: "I haven’t even really started wrapping my arms around it, but I’m properly scared of it, which feels like a good place to start.

“I think when I’m scared, it’s always a good sign. Maybe when I stop being scared, it’ll be like, ‘Maybe I shouldn’t do that one.’ No, I’m terrified of it. It’s extraordinary. And it’s exciting.”

Featured Image Credit: Disney/Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Academy Museum of Motion Pictures

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