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Modern Family cast leave fans divided as they come together for 'the reunion everyone was gagging over'

Modern Family cast leave fans divided as they come together for 'the reunion everyone was gagging over'

The reunion came after one of the cast members teased a potential comeback

The cast of Modern Family reunited four years after we bid an emotional goodbye to the Dunphy-Pritchett-Tuckers, but fans have had mixed reactions to the clip.

It's the wholesome content a lot of people have been waiting for - but others have been left wanting more.

With help from Phil's wholesome dad jokes and Gloria's no-nonsense attitude, Modern Family kept fans entertained for years as it followed the stories of one big, mostly happy extended family.

While we can always return to the show through re-watches, fans got very excited recently when one member of the cast hinted at a comeback.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who played Mitchell in the series, shared a snap on social media which showed a view of the Dunphy house alongside the caption: “Haven’t seen this view in a while.”

Fans were over the moon at the prospect of some more Modern Family-related content, and their wish technically came true today (18 June) in the form of an advert for WhatsApp.

Modern Family ran from 2009-2020. (ABC)
Modern Family ran from 2009-2020. (ABC)

It's not exactly a full-length episode, but after four years, 30 seconds was good enough for a lot of people.

The ad sees Cam gushing to Phil and Claire over a picture of Hayley's twins, prompting Mitchell to ask where he can see it.

Phil clearly puts his foot in it by revealing the image is 'in the group chat', leaving Mitchell with the shocking realization that he's been excluded because he has a different kind of phone.

Thankfully, a handyman is able to assure the in-laws that no one needs to be excluded if they just use WhatsApp to chat.

The ad has been met with delight from many fans of the show, with one fan commenting: "This is the only thing i needed in 2024 omg."

"This means everything to me," another added.

Phil and Claire were among those featured in the ad. (WhatsApp)
Phil and Claire were among those featured in the ad. (WhatsApp)

Other fans were left begging for more after getting a taste of a reunion, with one person taking to X to call on producers to bring the whole cast back together for some proper episodes - or even an entire movie.

"Now i want a reunion season or movie," wrote one viewer, as another agreed writing: "this is so sweet but we need a reunion special!"

However, there were some fans who were left disappointed to learn that the potential reunion teased by Tyler Ferguson turned out to be a 30-second ad.

One person claimed they were 'crying' over people getting so hyped up over what turned out to be the ad, writing: "i’m crying is this the reunion everyone was gagging over."

Another added: "not people (me) getting hype about a potential reunion and it’s for this…"

Though some fans have been left disappointed, maybe the cast's brief get-together will inspire more to come in the future?

We can only hope...

Featured Image Credit: WhatsApp/ X

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