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Intimacy coordinator who helped film Jenna Ortega's x-rated scene with Martin Freeman responds to claims it's 'gross'
Featured Image Credit: Lionsgate

Intimacy coordinator who helped film Jenna Ortega's x-rated scene with Martin Freeman responds to claims it's 'gross'

"I adapt to whatever is the comfort level of my actors."

The intimacy coordinator, who was on set during the filming of Jenna Ortega's x-rated scenes with Martin Freeman, has hit back at criticism.

People are so used to seeing Ortega as a teenager in certain roles, for example Netflix's hit Wednesday, they've forgotten she is, in fact, 21 years of age.

To give social media users their dues, Freeman is a whole 31 years older, but let's not forget here people, the pair are highly trained, professional and talented actors - who also had an intimacy coordinator to help them safely navigate the scenes. Catch the trailer here:

In Miller's Girl, Ortega plays the role of 18-year-old student Cairo Sweet and Freeman her teacher, Jonathan Miller - and sees the pair crossing the line from a professional to intimate relationship.

The x-rated scenes in the movie have faced backlash from viewers, with one X user saying: "This Jenna Ortega/Martin Freeman film is so gross! So, so, so, so gross!"

"I think I am finally done watching these age gap movies. They are all gross, and I am tired of it. No amount of Jenna Ortega or Martin Freeman could save this one for me," another added.

However, the intimacy coordinator who was on set supporting Ortega and Freeman, has since responded to those who've called the x-rated scene 'gross'.

The scenes have been branded by some as 'gross'.

If you're not quite sure what the role of intimacy coordinator entails, as per the Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) someone in the role is 'an advocate, a liaison between actors and production…in regard to nudity and simulated sex and other intimate and hyper-exposed scenes'.

In an interview with Mail Online, Kristina Arjona responded to the negative reviews reassuring there were 'many, many people throughout [the] process' of filming the scene who engaged with Ortega 'to make sure that it was consistent with what she was comfortable with'.

But how did people around the young actor help her navigate the intimate scene?

Intimacy coordinators help actors navigate more x-rated or sensitive scenes as safely as possible.

Well, Arjona explains they sit down with the actors and make sure to talk about the 'level of nudity' each party is happy to go with.

They also discuss the 'simulated sex scenes' - where the actors aren't literally doing the business but very much look like they are. Items of clothing such as modesty sock - think back to Jason Momoa's replacement in GOT - can be used to help maintain the idea of the actors being completely undressed, while allowing them to cover their private areas and remain as comfortable as possible if they'd rather not bear all.

The actors were given a written document two days before shooting the more x-rated scenes to sign, however, they're allowed to 'change their mind' anytime, Arjona stresses.

And then, while filming, alongside keeping an eye on there being an 'appropriate distance' between the pair, Arjona says she always stays 'hyper aware' of all the members of talent involved in such a scene and 'making sure [they're] consistently' being checked in with so their 'boundaries' are never 'surpassed'.

She continues: "And again, making sure - especially with someone who's significantly younger - that they are giving continuous consent."

The intimacy coordinator says Ortega was 'sure of what she wanted to do' in the scenes.

Alongside this, she says Ortega was 'very determined and very sure of what she wanted to do' in the scene, so part of her role is also to support 'her decisions'.

The intimacy coordinator notes: "I adapt to whatever is the comfort level of my actors, especially on a production like this where there is a large age gap between the actors."

UNILAD has contacted Jenna Ortega's representatives for comment.

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