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People Cannot Get Over Martin Freeman's Scouse Accent

People Cannot Get Over Martin Freeman's Scouse Accent

Everyone is talking about Martin Freeman's scouse accent in the new BBC drama, The Responder.

People Cannot Get Over Martin Freeman's Scouse Accent (BBC/Alamy)
People Cannot Get Over Martin Freeman's Scouse Accent (BBC/Alamy)

Getting an accent just right is one of the most important elements of acting, mainly because if you don't, fans will likely ridicule you for years to come. Take Russell Crowe in Robin Hood or Tom Cruise's attempt at an Irish accent in Far and Away – sometimes, it just doesn't land.

The latest celeb in the limelight for their on-screen accent is Martin Freeman, whose currently starring in the new BBC drama The Responder.

The actor, who previously starred in The Office and Sherlock, takes on the role of urgent response officer Chris Carson, who's been tasked with taking on a series of gruelling night shifts in Liverpool while he grapples with his spiralling marriage and mental health.

At one point, during a domestic dispute between his neighbours, Carson loses his temper and lashes out, proving it's all getting too much.

The script for the five-part series was penned by former police officer Tony Schumacher, BelfastLive reports, who himself suffered a breakdown due to the stress of his job.

However, after delving into the first episode, fans were quick to notice Freeman's attempt at a Scouse accent, with many praising the star for nailing it.

'Thought the responder was quality. Martin Freeman’s scouse accent is spot on,' wrote one viewer. 'For once it’s good to hear an actor pretty much nailing the Scouse accent. Martin Freeman did good on that score,' commented a second.

Meanwhile, a third said, 'Brilliant!! The writing, the acting, the casting and Martin Freeman totally pulls off a scouse accent, I know am a scouser!'

Freeman earlier opened up about prepping for the role, admitting he 'worked really hard at it' and spoke to himself in a Scouse accent for a year and a half to get himself ready for the show. 'I haven't played a character with a Scouse accent before and I was incredibly mindful of that when I was reading the script,' he told Metro.

Given the series has been filmed on the streets of Liverpool, the actor also revealed he 'followed his ear' after spending time speaking to the city's residents.

All the hard work clearly paid off, with Freeman saying he was 'really pleased when I heard that some of the Scouse actors asked if I was from Merseyside – it was like I'd passed some sort of test'.

The Responder continues tonight, January 25, at 9.00pm on BBC One

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Featured Image Credit: BBC/Alamy

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