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Jeopardy! fans fume as they call out ‘worst final answer’ they’ve ever seen
Featured Image Credit: ABC

Jeopardy! fans fume as they call out ‘worst final answer’ they’ve ever seen

Viewers were not happy after hearing the contestants' guesses

Jeopardy! fans are not happy after hearing the answers to a clue that left contestants fighting to survive in the game.

Contestants Diandra D’Alessio, James Tyler and David Bederman were all battling it out on the game show on February 15, each desperate to land the final spot in the Champions Wildcard semifinals.

Having successfully made it to Thursday's show, all three faced a question in the category 'Landmarks'.

The question required a knowledge of both geography and math, as they were given a prompt which read: "The distance between its two legs at ground level is 630 feet, making it as wide as it is tall.”

Any answers springing to mind for you? The prompt implies we're talking about something pretty massive - and something with legs.

Maybe there's a giant statue of someone manspreading out there that we're not aware of?

After hearing the clue, the contestants locked in their answers - with a couple of the guesses proving particularly controversial.

Two contestants thought it could be the Eiffel Tower.

Both D’Alessio and Bederman suggested the answer could be the Eiffel Tower, while Tyler locked in Christ the Redeemer in Brazil.

Unfortunately, neither answer was correct.

The correct answer was actually closer to home; the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri.

After hearing the clue, fans were left baffled at the fact the contestants had given the answers they had.

"The final jeopardy tonights clue mentioned the landmark having two legs and two of the contestants answered with.....the Eiffel tower??," one critical viewer wrote.

Another questioned: "What about two legs don’t you get? #jeopardy."

Viewers couldn't believe the answers that were given.

“The fact that two very good Jeopardy contestants said ‘The Eiffel Tower’ to this has blown my mind," wrote a third. "Possibly the worst final Jeopardy answer I have seen, it missed on both parts of the question!”

Though many viewers made clear they weren't happy with the contestants' efforts, some did admit that the wording of the question had thrown them off.

"Got hung up on the Statue of Liberty for [Final Jeopardy] even if I knew it was wrong in the back of my head, probably just because of the usage of "legs"," one viewer wrote on a Reddit thread about the episode.

Another admitted: "Legs confused me. I guessed The Sphinx for [Final Jeopardy]."

However, it's worth noting that on the National Park Service website, the Gateway Arch is described as having 'legs'.

Since they'd bet everything they had on the question, both Bederman and Tyler ended up with zero.

D’Alessio, however, only wagered $1001, meaning she was able to advance into the finals with $23,599 in the bank.

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