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Family Feud fans stunned after Steve Harvey is censored over rude joke

Family Feud fans stunned after Steve Harvey is censored over rude joke

An edited and 'censored' clip of Steve Harvey on Family Feud has left viewers in disbelief

People are flooding to social media divided over a 'censored' clip from Family Feud involving a comment made by host Steve Harvey.

From Harvey accepting 'dark' answers to a former contestant on the show ending up getting life in prison for killing his wife, there's been a fair few gobsmacking moments on the family game show, and this week was no exception. Prepare to feel your eyebrows raise:

In a clip from one of the recent episodes of Family Feud uploaded to the game show's Instagram page on Monday (13 May), a contestant called Kate stood behind a podium, ready to answer questions from Harvey.

"Name someone you don't mind disrobing in front of?" Harvey asked her.

The contestant immediately responded without hesitation: "My kids."

And her answer received applause and many shouts of agreement from the audience.

However, Harvey's response took quite a different tone.

Contestant Kate appeared on the show (Instagram/ @familyfeud)
Contestant Kate appeared on the show (Instagram/ @familyfeud)

Harvey responded to the answer: "'Hey kids how y'all doing? How was school today?'"

And it wasn't what the host said, but how he mimed getting undressed and posing naked, while saying the line which resulted in when the clip was shared to Instagram, a 'censored' sign was jokingly placed over Harvey's lower body area, all the way down to the floor.

"You got to put your kids in therapy, I'm telling you," Harvey added.

Nevertheless, the answer was on the board, despite the host saying it was 'the worst answer' Kate could've given.

And it's the 'censored' sign and Harvey's final two comments which have seen viewers flood to the post to weigh in with their thoughts.

The clip was posted with a 'censored' sticker over it (Instagram/ @familyfeud)
The clip was posted with a 'censored' sticker over it (Instagram/ @familyfeud)

Some viewers simply couldn't get over the 'censored' label being added into the clip.

One Instagram user said: "The 'censored' all the way down to the ankles is crazy."

"The size of the censored bar," another added.

Whereas others honed in on Kate's answer to the question and Harvey's response.

A third commented: "No let's be real here, a body isn't sexual unless you make it sexual. if you're getting changed and your kid walks in on you, it just normalises the human body, so they won't grow up thinking bodies are weird or inherently sexual."

However, a fourth said: "I’m with Steve on this one that answer should not be up there."

And a final resolved: "Please remember she is just answering for points. It could be her opinion or not."

So, what do you think?

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/ @familyfeud

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