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Steve Harvey stuns Family Feud fans after accepting ‘dark’ answer in resurfaced clip
Featured Image Credit: CBS

Steve Harvey stuns Family Feud fans after accepting ‘dark’ answer in resurfaced clip

The Family Feud host quickly agreed with the contestant's suggestion

Warning: Contains reference to suicide

Family Feud viewers have been left stunned by a resurfaced clip from the series showing host Steve Harvey accepting a very dark answer.

While an actual family feud is something most people want to avoid, Harvey's version of the battle is supposed to just be a bit of light-hearted fun.

The series welcomes members of two different families as they go head-to-head in guessing the results of audience survey questions, usually resulting in some pretty surprising and hilarious answers.

Clips from Family Feud have previously gone viral for all sorts of reasons, but recently a segment from an episode which aired a few years ago has resurfaced due to its shock-factor.

In the clip, Harvey asks the contestants to 'name something a woman might drive a man to do'.

The male contestant quickly bombs as his suggestion of 'goes shopping with her' fails to make the board, leaving the female contestant to share her thoughts on the answer.

Steve Harvey was shocked by the answer.

Without hesitation, the contestant answers: "Kill himself."

Stunned, Harvey repeats the answer and looks back at the contestant with a look of pure astonishment on his face.

The answer is an undeniably morbid one, but it still manages to earn claps and laughter from the audience.

After getting over the shock of the answer, Harvey actually responds to indicate the woman might be on to something.

“It might not be up there but I damn sure thought of it a couple of times,” he joked. “Yeah, [with] my ex-wife. Yes, sir.”

As it turns out, the woman wasn't the only one to come up with such a dark answer to the question.

The Family Feud board took a dark turn.

Despite Harvey's belief that the answer 'might not be up there', he turned towards the board to find that it actually placed at number three on the scoreboard.

Seven years on, the whole scene has left viewers well and truly baffled.

Screengrabs and clips of the episode have been shared widely online, with many people taking to X to share their confusion.

"That got real dark," one viewer wrote.

Another added: "okay, even with context it's still insane."

Though the woman's first answer was the darkest on the board, the others weren't much better.

A screengrab from the episode shows the board filled with suggestions from the audience survey, including 'drink', 'leave/divorce', 'lose his mind' and 'cheat'.

It doesn't exactly paint the greatest picture of male-female relationships, does it?

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