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The Holiday viewers have pointed out major issue after spotting plot hole they ‘can’t grasp’

The Holiday viewers have pointed out major issue after spotting plot hole they ‘can’t grasp’

Prepare to never look at Kate Winslet's character the same way again.

The Holiday viewers are flocking to social media in distress after noticing a glaring plot hole.

While many sob over the relationships formed by Cameron Diaz, Jude Law, Kate Winslet and Jack Black's characters in the festive favorite, the real star of The Holiday has been forgotten about - in more ways than one.

Prepare to never look at the Christmas classic - or Kate Winslet - in the same way again.

The Holiday - first released in 2006 - centres around Amanda Woods (Diaz) and Iris' (Winslet) need to flee their own countries to leave past relationships with toxic men behind.

The pair end up falling in love with two other much more lovely men - enter Graham (Law) and Miles (Black).

However, while the movie is a perfect watch for rom-com lovers, the true animal lovers among us have been left far more concerned with the fate of Iris' dog.

How did they all forget about the dog?
Universal Pictures

Why? Well, when Iris decides to take part in the house swap with Amanda, she seemingly does so without a second thought for her trusty pup, simply packing her bags and trotting off to the US to mend her broken heart.

When Amanda arrives at Iris' cosy Cotswolds cottage, the dog is still there - opposed to Iris having booked a dog sitter or taking him with her.

And who on earth leaves their beloved dog in the hands of a complete stranger?!

Sure, Amanda Woods seems nice, but would you leave your dog with her?
Universal Pictures

Viewers are flooding to social media in confusion after noticing this glaring plot hole, outraged at the lack of consideration for the dog by any of the characters in the rest of the movie.

One X - formerly known as Twitter - user wrote: "After watching The Holiday (again), I have decided that I can forgive the cheese factor. I can see past Jude Law's tan, despite being a single parent in the UK in winter. But I can't grasp Iris' dog being left at her cottage at the mercy of scatty Diaz with no care instructions."

"The Holiday is such a weird film. Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz’s chat before swapping their HOUSES is way too casual. Also lol at them both being perfect Air BnBs so last minute. Also does Kate Winslet leave Cameron Diaz her dog?!" Another added.

The dog deserves better #JusticeforTheHolidaydog.
Universal Pictures

A third commented: "I’ve tried watching The Holiday on multiple occasions and can’t because I can’t stop worrying about the fact Kate Winslet just UP AND LEFT HER DOG. Did Cameron Diaz get instructions? Is she taking care of the dog? It’s too much for me..."

"If Cameron Diaz agreed to a home exchange in The Holiday, we can assume she agreed to care for Kate Winslet’s dog. Which means that when she was planning to abandon the Europe trip on a noon plane, she was just going to… Leave the dog.. for dead?" A fourth questioned.

And a final resolved: "The plot of The Holiday would never happen to me for two reasons: 1. The first thing I always notice about Cameron Diaz’s character is that she doesn’t feed the dog… that would be the first thing I’d do 2. I would NEVER leave my dog alone with a complete stranger for two weeks."

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