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Viewers left sobbing after watching heartbreaking Netflix series that was an ‘emotional rollercoaster’
Featured Image Credit: NBC

Viewers left sobbing after watching heartbreaking Netflix series that was an ‘emotional rollercoaster’

Fans warn that you'll need tissues when watching this show

If you’ve been looking for the perfect bingeworthy show, then you’re about to meet your match.

This family drama is filled with complex issues and marriage trials, but it’s so worth the watch.

It also stars Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore in case you needed another reason to click play.

The all six seasons of the series was added to Netflix earlier this year and viewers have been loving it.

But be warned, many fans have come out online in droves about how this show led to them snotting on the sofa with tissues surrounding them.

As someone who’s also watched this, you will certainly laugh, cry and laugh-cry.

The series left fans sobbing.

Originally debuting on NBC in 2016, the emotional family drama - called This Is Us - has since been picked up by the streaming platform.

It takes you through the lives of the Pearson family across several decades and time jumps.

As the series go on, the once vibrant couple take on new challenges and their family expands in an unconventional yet amazing way and that also brings on further challenges.

Along with Ventimiglia and Moore, it also stars Sterling K. Brown, Chrissy Metz, and Justin Hartley.

But it’s not just the star-studded cast you need to watch out for, there have been a host of famous faces to cameo in the show as well, including: Ron Howard, Katie Couric, Seth Meyers, Sylvester Stallone, Katey Sagal, Brad Garrett, John Legend, to name a few.

With sensitive topics discussed, some scenes can be upsetting.

Fans have taken to the Netflix Bangers Facebook group to share their thoughts on This Is Us.

One wrote: “Amazing and powerful! Get your tissues ready.”

Another said: “Loved the hell out of this show! They need to bring it back for at least 1 more season!!!”

While a third commented: “One of the most poignant shows I’ve watched in a long time. I absolutely loved it. I needed Kleenex many times throughout the seasons, and I am so not an emotional person. Hope you enjoy it!”

Someone else wrote: “The best show I’ve ever seen in my life. I’m 40. Down to the acting, writing, story lines… incredible.”

Another added: “One of the best written shows I’ve ever watch. The brilliance of 3 generations of story lines and the interlacing it’s amazing. I cried so many times. Such an amazing show.”

So, if you’ve not watched it yet, hop on over to Netflix and be prepared for those tears.

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