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Stranger Things star Joe Keery is confused by his sudden TikTok fame
Featured Image Credit: Getty Images / Netflix

Stranger Things star Joe Keery is confused by his sudden TikTok fame

Stranger Things star Joe Keery is surprised by his sudden viral fame on TikTok - in part because he doesn't even have the app

A Stranger Things star has reacted to his viral TikTok fame and seems confused by the sudden trend catapulting him onto everyone’s For You Page.

Joe Keery, who plays the beloved Steve Harrington on the popular Netflix show, also goes by another name – Djo – under which the actor releases psychedelic indie rock.

For years this has been a shock to anyone who finds out about this – whether finding his music through the actor, or loving the music only to find out it was Steve singing all along.

Joe Keery, aka Djo.
Getty Images / Dave Benett

The days are gone though of Djo being a niche music name – with his song ‘End of Beginning’ going viral on TikTok to the point where it’s near impossible to open up the app without hearing it, as 2.3 million videos currently sit on the platform using the sound.

Despite how viral the song is, Joe Keery was unaware until someone told him in mid-February.

In an interview with SiriusXM, the Stranger Things star said: “Adam Thein, we worked together on the project, and we produce and mix all this stuff together. He kind of let me know.

“It's been sort of snowballing and been pretty crazy. The Internet... that's what it does, it gets it’s claws into something.”

The singer and actor needed to be told because – despite being about the only thing you can hear on Tik Tok right now – he himself doesn’t have it.

He said: “I’m not on social media at all, if I have it, I’m just going to be on it all the time”.

He went on to explain that – even though he has some social media which is run for him – he has access to none of it.

Commenters on the video, however, were loving the fact that he seemed bewildered by the interviewer trying to explain different trends using his song – such as one where people would use it to show off how you’d be able to tell if they won the lottery.

One commenter said: “He looked so confused when the interviewer was explaining him the trend!”

Keery is currently filming for Stranger Things season 5, with the show’s final season not expected to drop until earliest some time next year.

Joe Keery and Maya Hawke in 'Stranger Things'.

The actor and musician has spoken previously about his desire to separate his musical persona from that of his acting.

The star previously told UNILAD that he performs his music in disguise.

He said: “Well, initially it was just a way to kind of throw people off the scent that it is me, and to kind of detach myself from the connection - or just music from the connection - to the show or anything like that.

“And what it's turned into is just a really fun character to perform onstage live.”

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