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Sofia Vergara is unrecognizable as she plays drug cartel boss in new Netflix series

Sofia Vergara is unrecognizable as she plays drug cartel boss in new Netflix series

The Modern Family star has done a complete U-turn as she portrays the Columbian 'Godmother'

Sofia Vergara looks unrecognizable in her upcoming role as famed drug cartel boss in new Netflix series.

The Modern Family star is set to play the lead in the upcoming drama, Griselda.

Check out the official teaser here:

Vergara may be better known for her long-running role as Gloria Delgado-Pritchett or as a judge on America’s Got Talent, but her new Netflix role sees her making quite a turn.

The 51-year-old plays Griselda Blanco, who is also known as the Columbian ‘Godmother’.

The new series is inspired by the life of the real-life ‘savvy and ambitious’ woman who created one of the most profitable cartels in history.

Netflix say of Griselda: “In 1970s-80s Miami, Blanco’s lethal blend of unsuspected savagery and charm helped her expertly navigate between business and family, leading her to become widely known as ‘the Godmother’.”

The new drama is from the creators of Narcos and Narcos: Mexico.

Sofia Vergara as Griselda.

Directed by Andrés Baiz, Griselda is created by Eric Newman, with Ingrid Escajeda as showrunner and Doug Miro as executive producer.

Vergara is also executive producer on the six-episode series.

The cast also includes Alberto Guerra, Christian Tappan, Martín Rodríguez, Juliana Aidén Martinez and Vanessa Ferlito.

From the teaser, Vergara certainly looks different in the role as she appears well weathered as the cartel boss.

And appearance aside, it’s set to be like no role we’re used to seeing the comedy show star in.

Talking to The Hollywood Reporter, Newman referred to Griselda as ‘a cousin’ to the popular Narcos.

Vergara was reportedly very passionate about Blanco's story, and her and executive producer, Luis Balaguer, had been developing it for eight years before Netflix were involved, the outlet reported.

Vergara has certainly transformed to be able to portray Griselda.

Newman said: “It had a lot of the elements and felt like Narcos to us but we also wanted it to be Sofia’s party.

“She’s so good in it and it’s something that she’s been carrying around. To go back to your question about what appeals to me, or what the throughline is, it’s that kind of passion.”

Vergara has recently been in headlines after splitting from her husband of nearly seven years, Joe Manganiello, over the summer.

She told Entertainment Tonight that she’s been ‘trying to have fun’ as news of her divorce spread.

This includes the actor enjoying two of this year’s biggest events - Beyoncé's Renaissance World Tour and Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, obviously.

Vergara said of Queen Bey: “She was spectacular! What a show! Her daughter, her songs, her outfits, her body, I mean everything.”

Griselda lands on Netflix on 25 January, 2024.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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