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Riverdale fans fuming over decision to end show with main characters in four-way relationship

Riverdale fans fuming over decision to end show with main characters in four-way relationship

Riverdale fans were once again surprised by the season finale - prepare for spoilers

Riverdale gave us one last bizarre scene to close out the seventh series of the drama.

And before you do read ahead, if you’ve managed to stick by The CW series for the past six years, know that this does contain spoilers for the finale which aired on Wednesday 23 August.

I mean, it’s only right Riverdale baffled its fans after all kinds of surprising scenes over the show from Archie fighting a bear in season three to the friends having superpowers and well, every musical episode.

But this season seven finale has sent fans into a frenzy.

Jumping ahead 67 years, Betty is in her 80s and after Jughead dying, she realises she is the last member of the Riverdale High group still standing.

She gets her granddaughter Alice to take her back to the spot for one last time and falls asleep, meeting with Jughead in her dreams.

He takes her back to re-live her final day at school – during the show’s 1950s storyline, because you know, obviously it jumped back in time.

Fans know she went between Archie and Jughead and the last we all knew, she was with the redhead.

Lili Reinhart as Betty in Riverdale.
The CW.

But when she goes back in her dream, she’s joined by friends Kevin Keller and Clay Walker who ‘remind’ her of her relationship.

They ask her if the ‘four of you have figured out’ what they’re going to do, much to Betty’s confusion.

It’s worth noting that old Betty’s memory isn’t quite what it used to be as she relives her last day of school.

And Kevin says they ‘know the truth’ as he tells her: “Don’t tell me you’ve suddenly forgotten that you, Archie, Veronica and Jughead have been in a quad this entire last year.”

Betty then looks over to her three ‘partners’ who smile and wave at her, as she looks truly happy.

Riverdale revealed a quad relationship.
The CW

But not all fans share Betty's satisfaction as they call the scene ‘the most stupid thing Riverdale has ever done’ on X.

Others write: “HOW IS THIS REAL.”

One said: “This is kind of hilarious,” as others joked: “The writers won the idgaf war.”

And another joked: “This show went from a murder mystery, to musical, to Wakanda, to the vampire diaries, to Fantastic 4, only to end as a simple romance show?”

One more pleased with the finale said: “How most love triangles/squares should end.”

Riverdale gave an emotional ending, as Betty eventually died in the backseat of her granddaughter’s car, driving through Riverdale one last time.

Featured Image Credit: The CW

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