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People are saying 'amazing' new Netflix series is ‘10x better’ than its original movie version
Featured Image Credit: Netflix/ Universal Pictures

People are saying 'amazing' new Netflix series is ‘10x better’ than its original movie version

Sorry Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess, your movie has been overtaken in the eyes of some viewers.

Netflix users can't get over a series which many believe is far superior to the film version.

Sorry Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess, but your film has been overtaken in the eyes of romance lovers. Prepare to start sobbing all over again:

In 2011, a romantic drama was released starring the one and only Hathaway which would see viewers end up sat in the cinema at the end of the viewing, jaws dropped open in shock before quickly descending into gulps of tears.

With a screenplay written by David Nicholls and directed by Lone Scherfig - based on Nicholl's 2009 novel - Hathaway took on the role of Emma Morley, starring opposite Sturgess as Dexter Mayhew - two people who haphazardly embark on a 20-year long friendship/romance.

Despite its mixed reception at the time, the movie is a classic, not just because of its stellar cast but also as a result of its notoriety for one particular scene - yes, that scene involving a bicycle and well... Let's just stop there before we all start crying again.

And Netflix decided to add to the trauma by following the book and film up with a series which viewers believe packs even more of a punch than the movie.

Anne and Jim when they find out their movie has been overtaken.
Universal Pictures

Netflix released the series version of One Day starring Ambika Mod and Leo Woodall on February 8 and viewers love it so much they're rewatching it already.

And many believe the series is better than the film version of the book, taking to social media to weigh in with their reviews.

One X user said: "I just finished watching One Day on Netflix.. I don't even have the words. Like I've watched the movie but nothing could've prepared me for this."

Another added: "So I watched One Day on Netflix and I’ve got to say I loved the movie but the series has a different charm to it, it is actually indeed very funny how two people can go from being complete strangers to the most important people in their lives."

Your face when you realise by watching the series and seeing what the fuss is about you'll have to relive the harrowing ending to the story again.

A third commented: "One Day series gave me something the movie didn't. Saw One Day (movie) a long time ago so I went in watching One Day (Netflix series), and it still f**ks me, good god! I'm broken."

"I was skeptical about Netflix’s series version of One Day but it’s SO good and pure. I love how each year goes into details compared to the movie," a fourth wrote.

And a final resolved: "One Day on Netflix was 10x better than the movie I'm literally sitting in a puddle of my own tears."

One Day is currently available to stream on Netflix.

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