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Viewers are binge-watching ‘gripping’ new Netflix series that’s been called a ‘masterpiece’

Viewers are binge-watching ‘gripping’ new Netflix series that’s been called a ‘masterpiece’

Andrew Scott stars in the new series set in the 1960s

Netflix has successfully captivated users once again with the arrival of a new psychological thriller just in time for the weekend.

With eight episodes to sink your teeth into, the series starring Sherlock and 1917 actor Andrew Scott arrived on the streaming service yesterday (April 4) and has already received some impressive reviews.

Set in Italy in the 1960s, the series tells the story of conman Thomas Ripley - the same character featured in Patricia Highsmith's crime novels, and in Matt Damon's 1999 movie The Talented Mr. Ripley.

After an encounter with a wealthy industrialist, Scott's character finds himself being paid to travel to Italy to convince the man's son, played by Johnny Flynn, to return home to the US.

Since he's been barely scraping by in New York City, Ripley is more than happy to take on the job - but that's only his first step into an increasingly complicated web of deceit, fraud, and murder.

Aptly titled Ripley, the Netflix series follows the character over seven episodes that are around an hour long, before culminating in an epic, one hour and 16 minute-long episode.

It's a lot of content to get through, but it seems subscribers are up for the challenge.

Andrew Scott stars as Thomas Ripley in the series.

"New tom ripley show on Netflix I need to leave everything behind and binge watch it," one keen viewer wrote.

Other users have been sharing praise for the series following its arrival, with one commending both Scott and director Steve Zallian for the project.

"For those of is [sic] who say 'They just don't make it like they used to' Steve Zallian just made it like they used to," they commented, adding: "Give Andrew Scott all the awards #Ripley is a masterpiece #Netflix."

Viewers have been praising Scott's performance.

Another fan wrote: "RIPLEY on Netflix is a complete surprise, a stylish and gripping recreation of 60s noir on a service that doesn’t do this kind of thing all the time. Out of the box but not too sweaty about it, fresh, delicious - frankly, I’m engrossed. Best TV of 2024 yet?"

Some viewers have argued the series could be a bit faster-paced, but overall Ripley seems to have impressed, earning an audience score of 88 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and 7.9/10 on IMDb.

Zallian spoke to Netflix's Tudum about why Scott was the perfect man for the role, noting that 'he has the range to play the many personas of Ripley'.

Joining Scott in Ripley are Dakota Fanning and Johnny Flynn, as well as Eliot Sumner, Maurizio Lombardi and Kenneth Lonergan.

You can stream Ripley on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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