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Netflix viewers are begging for another season after binging witty 'must-watch' series
Featured Image Credit: Netflix

Netflix viewers are begging for another season after binging witty 'must-watch' series

The sitcom has had audiences in stitches, and they are very keen for the show to get another season of hilarity

Viewers have been left in stitches at the latest season of a Netflix sitcom and are begging the streamer to make another season.

Despite stiff competition from other platforms, Netflix has continued to produce many widely-enjoyed shows.

These range from witty sitcoms and standup comedy to gritty true crime documentaries and dramas.

But it's the former, in the shape of a much-loved sitcom, which has gotten fans demanding another season.

The show just had its third season, and it seems that's not enough for some people who are keen to get more on the zany characters and entertaining plotlines.

And as for people who have yet to give this show a try, this may well be enough for you to give it a shot.

That is, if music, drama, and has-been type comedy sounds like something you would enjoy watching.

So what is this show which has people crying out for more?

The series is a hit with viewers.

It's called Girls5Eva, geddit? Like '4eva' but with five, and fair warning there are some very mild spoilers for the show if you are thinking of watching it.

The show follows a group of middle-aged women who were in a flash in the pan girlband back in 2000 when those sort of acts were all the rage.

Now, the four stars are trying to put together a comeback but are left foundering in a world which no longer even remembers them.

They might have been stars before, but now they're just an obscure pub quiz question only a couple of people know the answer to.

But that all changes when their hit track is sampled by an up and coming rapper, dragging them once more into the public eye.

Given how several classic pop songs have found a new lease of life after going viral on TikTok, it's certainly a believable premise.

Viewers have demanded another season.

The series stars Sara Bareilles, Busy Philipps, Paula Pell, and Renée Elise Goldsberry as Dawn, Summer, Gloria, and Wickie.

Of course, if you're wondering why the titular group Girls5Eva is missing a girl, that's because the fifth member Ashley died in an infinity pool accident in 2004.

Initially the first two seasons were run on Peacock before the show was cancelled there in 2022.

However, Netflix picked up the show for its third season, and it's safe to say that fans are very keen for the platform to keep the show running.

If you like the sound of comedy, music, and a pinch of 2000s nostalgia as well as some more reflective plot lines then maybe this is worth a go.

Girls5Eva is available to stream on Netflix.

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