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Netflix viewers so hooked by new horror series they've watched it all in one day
Featured Image Credit: Netflix

Netflix viewers so hooked by new horror series they've watched it all in one day

The series is part of Rotten Tomatoes' 100 percent club

Horror fans, listen up; there's a new series on Netflix that fans are hailing as a 'must watch'.

It's probably not advised to watch a whole horror series in one sitting (because, you know, nightmares and stuff), but fans are loving this Netflix series so much that they're binging it in just 24 hours.

And the series is fresh on the platform, having only landed on Netflix on Friday, April 5.

Titled Parasyte: The Grey, the series' synopsis reads: "People must rise to combat unidentified parasites after they violently take over human hosts and gain power."

The six-episode show is based on Hitoshi Iwaaki's manga, Parasyte.

Despite having only just been released a few days ago, people are already raving about it.

Taking to Facebook page Netflix Bangers, one person called for people's honest reviews of the series.

"Just watched it in one day," one person replied. "I loved it!"

Echoing similar sentiments, a different fan said: "Just watched in 1 day and I love it!"

Parayste: The Grey has gone down a storm with viewers.

Another went on: "Just finished. It’s a must watch."

Someone else pointed out that, while they enjoyed the series that they've since finished, it left them 'awake all through the night'.

Elsewhere, with it being based on the anime series of the same name, someone else urged people to watch that first and then the live-action series. The cartoon is available to stream on Hulu.

Just days after its release and Parasyte: The Grey is already in Rotten Tomatoes' 100 percent club.

Meanwhile, it has an 80 percent audience score.

One reviewer said: "As a horror series, Parasyte: The Grey is superb. As sci-fi, it’s exciting. But more importantly, as an adaptation, this is a showstopper."

It has 100 percent on Rotten Tomatoes at the time of writing.
Rotten Tomatoes

Ahead of the series' release, director Yeon Sang-ho spoke about wanting the Netflix show to coexist alongside the manga version.

"To me, [the manga] Parasyte is about coexistence,” Yeon told Netflix. "So I wanted Parasyte: The Grey to echo this theme. I questioned whether people could peacefully coexist with other organisms or mutants unlike themselves."

As to where the 'grey' part of the title came from, Yeon went on to explain: "The original work talks about the theme of coexistence, and we wanted to delve into that [idea of] coexistence between people, human beings, and parasites."

He added: "And the lead character, Su-in, is also in the grey area between the human world and the parasite world."

Parayste: The Grey is now streaming on Netflix.

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