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Griselda co-creator explains why series cut ending short after viewers were left disappointed
Featured Image Credit: Netflix

Griselda co-creator explains why series cut ending short after viewers were left disappointed

Griselda co-creator, Eric Newman, has explained the ending to the Netflix miniseries.

Griselda is one of the biggest shows on Netflix right now after its release on the popular streaming platform last week.

The Netflix original is well and truly the talk of the town right now, with many of its viewers flocking to social media to sing its praises.

Griselda follows the true story of the infamous Colombian drug lord, Griselda Blanco.

Griselda ran a cocaine cartel in 1980s Miami to support her family, but her greed and ruthlessness quickly takes over making for a rather shocking story, and according to some fans, a disappointing ending.

While it's mostly praise for Griselda, many have been left disappointed by the ending of the Netflix show starring Karol G, Vanessa Ferlito, Alberto Guerra, Juliana Aidén Martinez and, of course, Modern Family star, Sofía Vergara.

WARNING: The next part of this article contains spoilers from Griselda's sixth episode, 'Adios, Miami'.

Griselda is streaming on Netflix now.

With Griselda being a miniseries, there's a lot more to the story than each 56 minute episode can squeeze in.

The series finale - which is also the shortest episode of the miniseries - concludes with Griselda on the worst day of her life, something that was a challenge for Vergara.

"It was very emotional for me,” Vergara told Variety. "But I think with the help of [series director Andrés Baiz], I was able to tap into the things that, from the very beginning, made me believe that I could play her."

Griselda is arrested in the final episode and sentenced to 15 years in a prison for owning and operating the major Miami cocaine empire.

But Griselda's life was far from over at that point, as Griselda in real life married for a fourth time following all the trauma she suffered as her three sons were murdered.

Griselda's ending disappointed some viewers.

In the same interview with Variety, co-creator and executive producer Eric Newman explained why the series ending was cut short.

"We had to show this is someone who cared about her children," he said.

"So for us, I think the real loss is not her death many years later. It is the loss of the very thing she was trying to protect. Or that she thought she was trying to protect. You know, we are all heroes in our own story, and she’s got an explanation –– not necessarily an excuse but an explanation –– for why she did what she did. But that is where the loss really hurts.

"And we only had six episodes!"

Griselda is streaming on Netflix now.

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