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Netflix's most watched TV series leaves viewers divided for one reason

Netflix's most watched TV series leaves viewers divided for one reason

One viewer described the series as 'an insult'

A new series which is currently the most-watched on Netflix is causing controversy for one key reason.

Besting popular series such as sci-fi head scratcher 3 Body Problem and Guy Ritchie's The Gentlemen series, the new show has scaled the top 10 to be crowned the most watched on Netflix in the US this week.

Viiewers sick of remakes and reboots might want to look away now, since this story has been knocking about for the last 2,000 years.

Testament: The Story of Moses tells the story of Moses, as he leads his people to freedom from Egypt.

The three-part series follows his journey from 'outcast and murderer to prophet and liberator of the Hebrews', according to the official synopsis.

Of course, the story of Moses has been adapted many times before.

Films like The Ten Commandments, The Prince of Egypt and Exodus have all brought the Biblical tale to life.

But this adaptation has proven particularly controversial.

This new series is causing some controversy.

Testament: The Story of Moses controversy explained

The issue is not so much the content of the series, but the fact Netflix have decided to list it as a documentary.

This has led some subscribers to blast the move as 'pushing a fundamentalist agenda'.

On Reddit, one person wrote: "The story of the Exodus is more or less agreed by all serious scholars to be complete fiction.

"Moses did not exist. The Israelis were never held as slaves in Egypt, they never wandered aimlessly through the Sinai.

The show is listed as a documentary.

"The story has about as much historical accuracy as Mulan or Dracula. To pretend that this is a historical work is an insult to the field.

"I get that it is supposed to be entertaining, but how can Netflix get away with making something so shockingly inaccurate and pretending it is a historical work?"

However, some have pushed back against the criticism, pointing to documentaries about Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster as counter-arguments.

One user argued: "A program about the life of Moses and the Exodus can be considered a documentary. Such a documentary would likely explore historical, religious, and archaeological perspectives on these Biblical events.

"Specifically this Netflix program includes expert interviews, and discussion of the religious and cultural significance of Moses and the Exodus story."

Moses is the most-watched Netflix show in the US.

It's also worth noting that the show itself opens with a message that clarifies it's a 'dramatic exploration of the story of Moses'.

The existence of Moses has been a long disputed matter among historians.

American archeologist William G. Dever said that the general consensus is that Moses was largely mythical, while conceding a 'Moses-like figure' may have existed.

Some Jewish commentary has said his actual existence is irrelevant, as he remains a 'Jewish folk hero'.

Regardless of the historicity, the series has captured the attention of Netflix viewers.

Testament: The Story of Moses is available for streaming on Netflix.

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