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People think the Loch Ness Monster has moved to the United States

People think the Loch Ness Monster has moved to the United States

Could it be?

For decades, people have been searching for evidence of the existence of the Loch Ness Monster.

Countless people claim to have spotted the mythical beast lurking in the Scottish Highlands, capturing grainy images as proof that it is real. See what you make of this:

But despite the videos and the photographs, no one has ever been able to say definitively whether or not the legend is true.

And now, people are wondering whether Nessie may have migrated to the other side of the world.

Yep, new footage has been shared online of a bizarre creature skimming through the waters off the coast of Atlantic Beach in North Carolina.

Witnesses were left speechless when they spotted the animal and left wondering what it actually was.

Posting a clip online, Chasin Tails Outdoors Bait & Tackle store said: "Something you don't see everyday.

"Whales or the Loch News Monster in the port this morning. Never seen one inside the inlet like this."

Could it be Nessie?
Chasin Tails Outdoors Bait & Tackle/Facebook

Since it was shared, the video has been seen hundreds of thousands of times, with people very confused.

One joked: "Definitely a Loch Ness monster. I saw two the same day I saw Bigfoot walking a black panther on a leash."

"Baby Whale," said another. "It was under the port wall yesterday afternoon."

Another commented: "Now that is strange. Odd looking head for sure."

"That's a gator," put a third. "You can see the eyes are on top of its head."

Not everyone was in agreement with some of the suggestions, though, with another saying: "No way it is any of the animals mentioned, including a 'baby whale' or alligator.

The bizarre creature was spotted lurking in the waters of North Carolina.
Chasin Tails Outdoors Bait & Tackle/Facebook

"Its motion is too graceful, it has protrusions on head and a long feather-like flipper in the rear.

"I honestly don't know of any sea creature that fits that description."

Not having any of it, though, dismissing some of the suggestions, someone else commented: "I can see that some people need to watch more Animal Planet and less TikTok."

Despite the excitement surrounding the sighting, however, the general consensus seems to be that it was most likely a whale of some description.

Sorry to p**s of your parade if you were hoping that this could actually be proof that Nessie is real after all.

Featured Image Credit: Chasin Tails Outdoors Bait & Tackle/Chronicle/Alamy

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