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Netflix viewers hooked within minutes of watching new sci-fi series that's been called a ‘masterpiece’
Featured Image Credit: Netflix

Netflix viewers hooked within minutes of watching new sci-fi series that's been called a ‘masterpiece’

Viewers are urging others to watch the series which comes from the creators of Game of Thrones

If you're keen to get lost in a different world this weekend, Netflix is the place to go.

While there's always time for a shocking documentary, sometimes it can be nice to lose yourself in a bit more of a fantasy - and that's exactly what one of the newest titles on Netflix has to offer.

3 Body Problem is based on a book series of the same name.

From Game of Thrones creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, along with co-creator Alexander Woo, the epic sci-fi series spans both continents and decades, making it the perfect show to get lost in.

The series stars Jovan Adepo, Liam Cunningham, Eiza González, Jess Hong and Benedict Wong, and details how just one decision made in the 1960s has a huge impact on the present.

You can watch the trailer for 3 Body Problem below:

The fact 3 Body Problem comes from the creators of Game of Thrones may spark mixed reaction thanks to the controversial way the beloved HBO series ended, but in an interview with UNILAD, Weiss explained that the creators tried not to compare their new show to the Game of Thrones experience.

"That was a specific experience that was very related to that place in time in which it happened," he said.

That being said, Weiss admitted: "There's always pressure and in this case, there was maybe more pressure than usual to try to come up with something that felt exciting."

It seems the creators don't have anything to worry about, though, as following the arrival of the new series on Netflix viewers are already hooked.

Viewers have taken to LADbible's Netflix Bangers Facebook group to share their thoughts on the series, with one describing it as a 'masterpiece', while another simply encouraged users to 'watch this one'.

One viewer wrote: "I'm at episode 4 and hooked. This is the best series Netflix has put out since 1899. A good week for scifi and mystery fans."

Viewers are urging others to watch the series.

Another agreed, writing: "Definitely a must watch...I was hooked after the 1st 15 minutes."

Other viewers are already calling for a second season of the show, adding that they 'highly recommend' other people watch it.

The series has been inspired by a trilogy of novels with the same title, written by Chinese author Cixin Liu.

Speaking to Tudum, Weiss said that the creators 'like the same things about the books that so many other fans do' and were focused on bringing the story to life 'in the best, most impactful way possible'.

However, he added: "Reading the books is not a prerequisite for understanding or enjoying the show.”

3 Body Problem is available to stream on Netflix now.

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