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Viewers praising ‘unbelievable’ scene in Millie Bobby Brown’s new Netflix movie that left them with chills

Viewers praising ‘unbelievable’ scene in Millie Bobby Brown’s new Netflix movie that left them with chills

The actor puts on a fierce performance as a princess in her latest project with Netflix

Warning: Contains spoilers

Millie Bobby Brown has received high praise for her latest project with Netflix, but there's one scene in particular that people can't stop thinking about.

Almost every movie or TV show has one scene that sticks with you. In Breaking Bad we had 'I am the one who knocks', and in Stranger Things there was the iconic 'Running up that Hill' scene.

Now it's Brown's turn to leave a lasting impression, thanks to her new Netflix movie Damsel.

In the starring role of Elodie, Brown goes against every 'fairy tale' stereotype as she plays a princess whose happily ever after goes out of the window when her Prince Charming sacrifices her to a dragon to pay an ancient debt.

Ever the fighter, Brown's character doesn't give up that easily, and instead takes it upon herself to fight her way out of the dragon's lair.

Millie Bobby Brown's character ends up being sacrificed by her Prince Charming.

Damsel has received mixed reviews since it dropped on Netflix on March 8, and while some people have described it as 'predictable', others have heaped praise on the movie and Brown's performance.

"If I could, I would seriously give this movie even more stars, likes, reviews and so on and on!!!!" one very satisfied viewer wrote.

"Even when the trailer released, I immediately knew this movie would be FIRE!!! And so, so, wonderful, emotional, mesmerizing, breathtaking and just amazing!!! Even the characters, their expressions, feelings, emotions were so beautifully done, I literally felt it all through myself."

While the film as a whole has succeeded in entertaining millions of people across the globe, there is one part in particular that viewers have described as 'unbelievable'.

*Spoilers ahead*

Fans have praised the epic scene of Elodie's return.

It comes after Brown's character escapes the cave, leaving her outfit torn and her skin dirty, and she returns to confront those who left her for dead.

With powerful music and an intense shot of Elodie approaching the wealthy elite, the scene left people in awe.

Sharing a clip from the scene on X, one viewer wrote: "Oh this scene gave me chills and that ending is so satisfying!!!"

Another agreed as they responded to the post, writing: "Damsel is a definite 10/10."

A third added: "This scene, the form of how she appears in the false wedding, it was so unbelievable. I like this movie."

Other viewers have said that while they were able to predict the ending, it was what they were 'hoping for'.

"I was so happy for it to end the way I interpreted it to be," one review reads.

If you want to see the highly praised scene for yourself - along with the rest of the movie - you can stream Damsel on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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