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Millie Bobby Brown speaks out against backlash of her 'new' accent

Millie Bobby Brown speaks out against backlash of her 'new' accent

To any keyboard warrior who's been slamming the Stranger Things star online? Well, Millie Bobby Brown has a message for you

Millie Bobby Brown has opened up about the criticism she's faced online surrounding her accent.

The Stranger Things star appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon earlier this month.

Despite bringing her dog on the show and partaking in a game of risky Egg Roulette, many viewers had nothing better to do than flood to social media to hone in on one thing - Brown's accent.

The 20-year-old actor told Fallon about how she got engaged to Jake Bongiovi, explaining they 'bonded over diving' and got their diving licenses together.

"We were on vacation one day and he said 'Mil, we're going on a dive at 8am tomorrow'. We went to the same spot we usually go to, and many meters down he gives me a shell. Well, I turn it over and it's a ring," she recalled.

However, rather than focusing in on her romantic engagement, viewers were quick to leap to their keyboards to question why Brown's more prominent British accent now seemed to have an American twang to it.

One X user wrote: "Since when did millie bobby brown lose her british accent… HELLO??"

And Brown has since addressed the hoards of comments online.

Millie Bobby Brown has addressed the obsession with her accent.

In an interview with TikTok star Max Balegde, Brown explained she 'grew up in America'.

Indeed, the star may've been born in the UK, but went to live in the US from the age of eight years old.

She continued: "I come to set, I'm an actor and I adapt and so I want to mimic people!

"I can't help that when I'm around my fiancé, or when I'm around people like Jimmy Fallon, who have a very American accent, I wanna replicate it! And now I'm in England I want to replicate that.

"I don't do it intentional and I'm sorry if it offends you! But listen, I'm trying my best! I'm trying my best!"

And shockingly, people have once more taken to their keyboards to weigh in.

However, users quick to flock in support of Brown and her reflection on the comments she's received around her accent.

One user said: "Ate and left no crumbs."

"As a northern in a southern uni, I replicate the accents all the time," another added.

A third commented: "This is actually normal. U will take on the accent of people around u."

And a fourth wrote: "I think this just made me love Millie Bobby Brown."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@max_balegde

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