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People left baffled after hearing Millie Bobby Brown’s voice in new video

People left baffled after hearing Millie Bobby Brown’s voice in new video

Fans are baffled after hearing the 'Stranger Things' actress 'switch accents' in a recent interview

Millie Bobby Brown was interviewed this week to share exciting updates on her personal life, but fans were distracted after hearing her 'confusing' accent.

The Stranger Things actress appeared on The Tonight Show and spoke with Jimmy Fallon of her recent engagement to Jake Bongiovi.

She also laughed through anecdotes about her beloved dog, but fans couldn't help but question the new accent the actress seemed to be sporting. Take a look for yourself:

The actress told an excited Jimmy Fallon the sweet story of her proposal, sharing: "Jake and I bonded over diving, we got our diving licenses together. We were on vacation one day and he said 'Mil, we're going on a dive at 8am tomorrow'.

"We went to the same spot we usually go to, and many meters down he gives me a shell. Well, I turn it over and it's a ring," Brown said, as the audience cheered their congratulations.

Despite being born in Britain, Brown's accent seems to have an American twang which left fans perplexed, as many rushed to Instagram to share their confusion.

One commented: "Why does her accent keep switching[?]"

A fan tried to offer an explanation for the switch up, writing: "For everyone saying that she doesn't have her British accent anymore bear in mind that she is currently filming ST5 so she has been using her American accent more recently."

"Why is she speaking with an American accent?" another viewer questioned.

Fans were confused at the 'switching accent'.

One fan suggested the actor had trouble sticking to one accent 'because she is used to doing an American accent in her roles', while another claimed: "Accents can change depending on the environment after some time."

The 20-year-old, who grew up in Dorset, England, has famously taken on American roles throughout her career, including Godzilla, and the sci-fi series, Stranger Things, in which she starred in the breakout role when she was just twelve years old when she was cast as 'Eleven' in the popular show.

Speaking previously about her creative process for Stranger Things, Brown said: "That process was very unique for me. I had to really sit down with the Duffer Brothers and Shawn Levy to understand what specifically was happening, who was playing what and how that was going to work out."

Millie Bobby Brown plays Eleven in the series.

Brown has had to silence questions on her accent prior to the interview, revealing back in 2022 that she's always been more comfortable with an American accent 'because of growing up watching Hannah Montana'.

She explained: "I watched Bugsy Malone and Godfather when I was like eight. And, my parents were watching all these movies with me and I was like, 'Yeah but Hannah Montana is Oscar-nominated, it's so good'.

"Hannah Montana is the best, everything about it is amazing and I got the American accent."

Featured Image Credit: Credit:Todd Owyoung/NBC via Getty Images / Instagram/fallontonight

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