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People divided by Millie Bobby Brown’s ‘attitude’ after she tells fans to ‘put their screens down’

People divided by Millie Bobby Brown’s ‘attitude’ after she tells fans to ‘put their screens down’

The Stranger Things actor split fans down the middle after the footage surfaced

Millie Bobby Brown has divided the internet after a video surfaced of her telling fans to put their screens down.

The 19-year-old sparked debate online over the clip from a Comic Con event in Germany, with some saying she had an ‘attitude’.

It’s not the first time the actor has caused fans to take to their keyboards this year.

Earlier this year, Bobby Brown experienced a backlash after announcing she was engaged to her long-term boyfriend, Jake Bongiovi.

Many fans were concerned that the actor was too young to settle down, however, she has largely not responded to criticism.

Her famous future-father-in-law Bon Jovi, also came to her defence, saying: “You know, if you find the right partner and you grow together.”

While the debate continues online, the Stranger Things star took time to appear at the German Comic Con.

The Stranger Things star announced her engagement in April.

It was there that the Enola Holmes star found herself in hot water, after asking fans to put their ‘screens down’.

Appearing as part of a panel, the 19-year-old was being filmed by an unseen fan when they asked if the actor could say hi to one of their friends while on camera.

Though Bobby Brown did so, she then followed up by telling them: “We have to live in the moment, put your screens down.”

While it was meant to be motivational, the awkward interaction has caused much debate between fans online after a clip of the moment went viral on TikTok.

Bobby Brown has been criticised for her comment.

Some have reacted angrily, saying that the comment came off as rude, with one former fan even saying that Bobby Brown was ‘too young for this kind of attitude’.

Others also were annoyed that she’d criticised a fan, despite the majority of attendees paying at least 89 euros to attend the star-studded event.

Another fan pointedly wrote: “I guess she forgot all these people payed to see her.”

However, some have leapt to the actor’s defence and reminded others how difficult life can be in the constant spotlight.

Having been done fan pictures throughout the day, it’s understandable why Bobby Brown would want to phones put away for the panel.

“She was so annoyed. I’d be too,” wrote one concerned TikToker, adding: “The majority of the people didn’t even have questions…”

Some questioned whether the actor was really rude to the fan, saying “I don’t this she was “going off” but I do think she could of said it a little nicer lol but I’m no celebrity so.”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@dannydoesntknow

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