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Viewers blown away by Millie Bobby Brown’s new movie that’s just dropped on Netflix
Featured Image Credit: Netflix

Viewers blown away by Millie Bobby Brown’s new movie that’s just dropped on Netflix

The Stranger Things star is back in action in Netflix's latest release

Millie Bobby Brown has captivated viewers once again with a performance on Netflix, but this time it's not down to Stranger Things.

While fans of the hit sci-fi show are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the fifth and final season, the cast are keeping busy with projects of their own.

Joe Keery has taken on a role in the TV show Fargo and Maya Hawke has recently been announced as the newest member of the Inside Out 2 cast, but Brown has stayed true to her roots by taking on a Netflix project.

Her new film, which dropped on the streaming service today (March 8), comes after Brown previously worked with Netflix on the Enola Holmes movies, in which she played Sherlock Holmes' brazen, self-sufficient little sister.

And while she's definitely self-sufficient in her new movie, titled Damsel, she's definitely not painted as a naive young girl any more.

Far from being 'in distress', Brown fights back in her role of Elodie; a princess whose fairy tale gets turned upside down when the man she believed to be her Prince Charming sacrifices her to a dragon.

Not a very 'happily ever after' move from him, is it?

Mille Bobby Brown stars as Elodie in the movie.

In an interview with Netflix's Tudum, Brown explained: “She’s a damsel who doesn’t need to be saved. She saves herself in many ways. It subverts what you expect: You’re expecting the prince to turn around and save her, and… no. Don’t wait for the prince.”

The actor also opened up about her task of creating the character of Elodie, saying: “I couldn’t draw from anything because I’ve personally never read a story like Damsel.

“With Eleven, I’m able to draw from Mad Max. Or, with Enola Holmes, I’m able to draw a little bit from Hermione in Harry Potter. I couldn’t find anyone for Elodie and so I knew I was going to have to create her, find her along the way, find what her weaknesses and strengths are, and really create a life and a journey for her so that everybody would care about her, believe in her, and root for her.”

Damsel has earned praise from fans.

Damsel has only been available for a few hours, but fans have already rushed to watch Brown's latest project and they've returned with some high praise.

One viewer leaned heavily on the fire emoji when they took to LADbible's Netflix Bangers Facebook page to share their thoughts, writing: "I just finished watching it [fire emojis]."

On X, another fan commented: "Really enjoyed #Damsel on @netflix - the reversal of tropes was fascinating with really impressive use of visual effects!"

Other Netflix users weren't so taken with the movie, with one review stating it 'gets repetitive very quickly', but you'll have to watch Damsel for yourself to see which side you're on!

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