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HR experts react to controversial sex scene in Netflix show and say it could lead to lawsuit in real life
Featured Image Credit: Netflix

HR experts react to controversial sex scene in Netflix show and say it could lead to lawsuit in real life

Steamy Netflix movie 'Fair Play' would prove very problematic in real life.

Phoebe Dynevor's new Netflix movie has been labelled as a 'red flag' by HR experts who reviewed the steamy film.

Dynevor stars as Emily in the new erotic drama Fair Play alongside Aiden Ehrenreich, who plays her love interest Luke.

The film's synopsis reads: "An unexpected promotion at a cutthroat hedge fund pushes a newly engaged couple's relationship to the brink."

It dropped on Netflix on 29 September and was quickly hailed as a 'must watch' by viewers.

Fair Play is full of racy scenes between Dynevor and Ehrenreich - many of which would prove extremely problematic if they were to happen in the real world.

With this in mind, Netflix had a handful of HR experts review some of the controversial scenes, and they had a lot to say.

Sharing a snippet of Dynevor's character saying 'I promise to help your career if you eat my p***y', one expert was left gobsmacked and proceeded to violently wave a red flag in the air.

One of the HR experts was gobsmacked.

She then added whether she could 'light the flag on fire'.

Another expert said of the scene: "That's what we call quid pro quo."

This means an exchange of goods or services and, if sexual harassment quid pro quo happens in the workplace, it can be grounds for a potential legal claim.

Going back to the first astounded HR advisor, she said: "She should get fired for that.

"She should sit in front of an ethics committee for that."

"He could file a lawsuit for that," the expert added.

Elsewhere, the scene was labelled as 'sexual coercion' by one expert.

Viewers understood that the actions of the characters in Fair Play were questionable, but they were still hooked from the get-go.

One X user - formerly known as Twitter - raved on the platform: "The film Fair Play is so f**king realistic. It depicts how ego driven really men are - they can love you but the moment you’re above them, they won’t hesitate to invalidate, gaslight and sabotage you. #FairPlayNetflix."

"Fair Play on Netflix is worth the watch. It only shows that you can do everything right as a woman and still be accused of sleeping your way to the top.

"And you don’t need to do anything before your man to feel threatened by your success. #FairPlayNetflix," added another.

A third went on: "If you guys haven’t watched Fair Play on Netflix, it’s a must watch. Talk about a heck of psychothriller movie."

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