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Bridgerton fans are convinced there may be a queer storyline for these two characters in new series

Bridgerton fans are convinced there may be a queer storyline for these two characters in new series

Bridgerton fans have a theory about Eloise Bridgerton and Cressida Cowper and it could be backed up by what the series' showrunner has said

Warning: Contains spoilers

Just days after season three of Bridgerton dropped on Netflix and speculations about the future of the series are being made.

Season three made its long awaited debut on Thursday (May 16), with the second part set for release on June 13.

So far we've seen Penelope Featherington almost get the proposal she was waiting for, but Colin Bridgerton had other plans.

Elsewhere, Colin's younger sister Francesca has been introduced into society and was picked as Queen Charlotte's seasonal diamond.

But there's two people whose love lives are yet to blossom, and that's Eloise Bridgerton and Cressida Cowper.

Season two of Bridgerton saw Eloise work out that her best friend Penelope was Lady Whistedown, which sparked the pair to fall out.

Once joined at the hip, Eloise has since recruited Cressida as her close pal instead.

But some people think there might be a more between the two of them than friendship...

Some have their theories about Cressida and Eloise. (Netflix)
Some have their theories about Cressida and Eloise. (Netflix)

Someone penned on X in recent days: "Am I crazy or are they teasing an Eloise and Cressida ship?"

"Does anyone else think that something is going to happen between #Eloise and #Cressida or am I flashing?" pondered another.

A third Bridgerton fan weighed in: "Cressida and Eloise my girls. I'm not too sure if you're going to beat the queer allegations. I'm not certain yet... but perhaps, perhaps, perhaps."

"ELOISE AND CRESSIDA ARE COURTING EACH OTHER," insisted another. "They take romantic walks in the garden talking about when Cressida first started liking Eloise and show up to Cressida’s house to see if she’s ok + asking her to explain her interests bc she wants to know her passions they are DATING."

Viewers' speculations come after Bridgerton showrunner Jess Brownell said the show will 'absolutely' feature queer love stories.


"I think this is a show about the many ways in which people love," she told Refinery29.

"So it only feels right to show all the ways in which people love, including queer love. So we are exploring queer love stories across the next couple of seasons."

Brownell didn't share who would be in these storylines, however.

"I don’t want to say exactly how that plays out," she teased. "But it was important to me to foreground queer love and to tell queer stories and tell stories about queer joy as well."

I guess only time will tell what's in store for Cressida and Eloise...

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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