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Meteorologist calls on God live on air as he watches tornado hit small town

Meteorologist calls on God live on air as he watches tornado hit small town

The man sent his prayers as he watched the disaster take place

One meteorologist called on God whilst live on air as he watched a huge tornado hit a small town.

WTVA broadcaster, Matt Laubhan, was overwhelmed while watching the major natural disaster make its way into Amory, Mississippi.

Laubhan can be heard praying to 'Jesus' just as the tornado struck the area a little before 11pm on Friday (24 March). Watch his reaction here:

The tornado blazed through many areas of Mississippi and has killed 25 people and injured dozens of others, according to an update from the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency.

The twister has since left a tragic trail of destruction of homes, businesses and entire communities for more than 90 miles, local and federal authorities say.

Search and rescue operations were carried out in both the Sharkey and Humphreys counties, the Mississippi's Emergency Management Agency reports.

Mississippi Governor, Tate Reeves, has also issued a statement on the matter early yesterday morning (25 March): "Many in the MS Delta need your prayer and God’s protection tonight.

"We have activated medical support—surging more ambulances and other emergency assets for those affected. Search and rescue is active.

"Watch weather reports and stay cautious through the night, Mississippi!"

Mississippi Governor, Tate Reeves, issued a statement.

Such 'weather reports' include a particularly emotional one from Laubhan, who reported live on the devastating events just as they were taking place.

During the broadcast, he says: "Here's the thing about this, y'all trust me too much.

"I tell you where it's going to go and some of you guys are like 'That's where it's gonna go'.

"The reality of this, this could be changing direction. So, Amory, we need to be in our safe place," he continued.

"We got a new scan coming in here as we speak," he paused after looking at the new radar scan and gasping.

"Oh man," he said, "North side of Amory, this is coming in."

The meteorologist prayed to Jesus as he watched the tornado progress on the town.
WTVA 9 News

The meteorologist continued: "Oh, man. Dear Jesus, please help them. Amen."

People have since also offered their prayers and words of condolence for the survivors of the tornado, alongside their praise for Laubhan's handling of the situation.

One Twitter user posted: "We need more people like his weatherman. The compassion for those he serves is surpasses only by his sense of duty to them."

"This man is such a genuinely good hearted person," another said.

And a third added: "I offer my heartfelt sympathies to the people of Amory Mississippi, with my thoughts and prayers."

Featured Image Credit: WTVA

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