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Mean Girls writer calls out Tina Fey and demands compensation after missing out on 'millions' from franchise

Mean Girls writer calls out Tina Fey and demands compensation after missing out on 'millions' from franchise

Rosalind Wiseman wants to get a fair share of the Mean Girls musical and the upcoming movie after signing away her film rights in 2002.

The author of the book that inspired Mean Girls has called out Tina Fey and Paramount Pictures after missing out on 'millions'.

Rosalind Wiseman's 2002 book Queen Bees and Wannabes was adapted into the most iconic film of our generation in 2004.

However, Wiseman has said she has missed out on millions the franchise has made, which has also spawned a Broadway musical, with a movie based on the musical currently in development.

Rosalind Wiseman wrote the book that inspired Mean Girls.
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The author, 54, says she has made just over $400,000 after signing a deal to sell her film rights in 2002 and her lawyers are preparing to take action against Paramount Pictures after the studio reportedly claimed it has made no money from the franchise.

“For so long I was so quiet about it, so, so quiet, but I just feel like the hypocrisy is too much,” Wiseman told New York Post.

“I think it’s fair for me to be able to get compensated in some way for the work that has changed our culture and changed the zeitgeist.

"Over the years Tina’s spoken so eloquently about women supporting other women, but it’s gotten increasingly clear to me that, in my own personal experience, that’s not going to be the experience.

"You don’t just talk about supporting women, you actually do it.”

The film stars Lindsay Lohan as an unassuming teen who becomes embroiled in a group of 'mean girls' led by queen bee Regina George (Rachel McAdams).

The film also stars Amanda Seyfried, Lacey Chabert and Amy Poehler while Fey also has a role in the film.

Mean Girls was a huge success.
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Released on 30 April 2004, the film became a huge box office hit and a cultural phenomenon, grossing $130 million worldwide against a $17 million budget.

While Wiseman is happy with how the film turned out, she's upset that she hasn't been able to reap any of the benefits.

“We created this thing, Tina took my words, she did an extraordinary job with it,” she said. “She brought it to life and the material has been used and recycled for the last 20 years.

“I’m clearly recognized and acknowledged by Tina as the source material, the inspiration. I’m recognized and yet I deserve nothing?

Tina Fey wrote the film adaption of Wiseman's book.
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“For me, having a female writer and not having that happen has not only been difficult because of the money, but it’s also been painful, very painful.

UNILAD has approached Paramount Pictures and Tina Fey for a comment.

Featured Image Credit: ZUMA Press, Inc. / Alamy Stock Photo/AJ Pics / Alamy Stock Photo

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