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Masked Singer Contestant Causes Panic As They Start Choking During Performance On Stage

Masked Singer Contestant Causes Panic As They Start Choking During Performance On Stage

Firefly started choking while on stage during the season seven premiere of The Masked Singer.

During the season seven premiere of The Masked Singer yesterday, March 9, a contestant started to choke on stage.

Firefly took to the stage to perform a slower rendition of Chaka Khan's Ain't Nobody, before they began to choke, with judges rushing to get the singer some medical attention.

Judges of the popular Fox show where celebrities conceal their identities to perform include Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke, who all sprang into action to help the star.

Scherzinger reportedly said: 'someone needs to help her', with Thicke adding: 'Somebody get up there. Hey, hey, hey!'

Jeong, who is a licensed physician in addition to being an actor and comedian, went up to the stage to help and said: 'She’s choking! Get a medic right now'.

Medics were on hand to help Firefly, heading up to the podium to help take the mask off.

One of those helping can he heard saying 'I’m right here to take off [your mask]', before the screen cuts to black.

Host Nick Cannon then reappeared and addressed the audience directly, as per Gold Derby. 'Before the break, Firefly had to suddenly stop her performance', he said, adding: 'She’s backstage right now being looked after by our set medic. Her wellbeing is our top priority. But for now, the show must go on'.

Cannon introduced the next singer, Ram, and offered an update on Firefly when the performance finished.

The host told fans: 'The good news is, Firefly is one heck of a fighter' and revealed that she was back on stage.

Firefly can be heard whispering 'Let’s do it, let’s do it' as the audience cheered.

Following the performance, Thicke, McCarthy and Jeong gave her a standing ovation, with Thicke noting back stage that she gave the 'best performance of the night'.

Another injury nearly occurred during the premiere after McTerrier nearly fell off the stage, as per Variety.

The singer said of the ordeal: 'I sang the whole song and right at the end I have this big howl that I do. And I felt no stage under my foot'.

After trying to get away from the edge, they knocked their mask off in the process, forcing them to turn around as others helped them put it back on.

Other seasons of the show have also seen the costumes cause some issues. In season five, Crab, who was revealed to be Bobby Brown, overheated inside his costume and was forced to leave stage.

Meanwhile in season four Gremlin took his mask off because he was too hot, revealing himself to be Mickey Rourke.

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Featured Image Credit: Michael Becker/Fox

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