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Tom Hiddleston says it would be ‘unwise’ to believe he’s done playing Loki
Featured Image Credit: John Nacion/Getty Images. Disney/Marvel

Tom Hiddleston says it would be ‘unwise’ to believe he’s done playing Loki

It comes after after Loki's epic season two finale.

Tom Hiddleston says it's 'unwise' for him to believe Loki's story is over.

Following the epic season finale, which fans stunned, the Brit sat down with to discuss his future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

When asked if season two will be the last time we see the God of Mischief grace the screen, Hiddleston said: "It's so hard because I'll be completely honest with you, Brandon, I have at least twice in my life said goodbye."

John Nacion/Getty Images

However, the actor continued to tease Loki's story isn't over.

"I've written to Kevin Feige and Louis de Esposito and Victoria Alonso and been like, 'Thank you so much. It's been like the role of a lifetime,' and they've written notes back saying, 'Come and see us anytime. You're always part of the family. We're always here. You've given us so much and tears have been shared.' So I think I'd be unwise at this point to be conclusive about any of it," he added.

The interview comes after fans were left mind-blown by the season finale released earlier this month.


In one particular scene, Loki is seen travelling back in time centuries to watch over the multiverse and ensure that it can continue to exist.

The new master of the multiverse decides to watch over every timeline as a lonely god, making it the ultimate selfless act.

Yes, a big leap from the Loki that unleashed The Incredible Hulk on the Avengers way back when.

The episode has well received by many, as one person wrote: "This moment made me feel the magic of Marvel again."

Another said: "From the storytelling, the score, the cinematography, and Tom Hiddleston’s brilliant performance LOKI is going down as the MCU’s greatest series thus far.

"What a finale, absolute chills."

While a third commented: "Loki isn’t destined to lose.

"He’s destined to be alone. And that is the most heartbreaking yet rewarding realisation from this finale."

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