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Loki viewers left in tears over ‘mind blowing’ final scene
Featured Image Credit: Marvel

Loki viewers left in tears over ‘mind blowing’ final scene

It's safe to say that Loki has come a long way since his first villainous appearance in Thor

Fans have reportedly been tearing up over a scene in one of Marvel's latest series.

Things came rather to a head for the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the epic Avengers: Endgame.

But while Loki found himself having his neck snapped by the 'inevitable' Thanos one movie earlier, a glimpse of him in the time travel sequence saw him heading off to some mysterious location.

It turned out that location was his own series on Disney+, Loki, in which the reformed villain became the keeper of the multiverse, travelling to different places and times.

Spoiler alert for Loki, if you hadn't guessed already.

But one scene in particular got people tearing up in the new series, and it was right at the end of the second season.

Since the Thanos storyline came to its conclusion, things have been a little more tricky for Marvel, with many audiences tuning out after the big storyline came to an end.

Tom Hiddleston in Loki.

But it would seem that while the movies themselves have not been doing so well as before, the TV series have been a different story.

While Loki started out as the mischievous antagonist in Thor way back when, the character has come a long way since that first appearance.

Starting back from his experience in the first Avengers movie, he became a warden over the multiverse, which has a lot of both living and dead characters from the films.

In the finale, it's revealed that he travelled back in time centuries in order watch over the multiverse and ensure that it can continue to exist.

Then, in one scene which had viewers emotional, he can be seen transforming into the god, Loki.

Tom Hiddleston in Loki.

Reflecting on the reduction in enthusiasm for Marvel projects, one viewer wrote: "This moment made me feel the magic of marvel again."

Another wrote: "Loki Season 2 was flawless! It reminded me exactly why I fell in love with Marvel."

A third posted: "I don’t know who needs to know this but Loki is actually one of the best MCU projects they’ve done so far. Which is funny because I remember laughing when it was announced."

Tom Hiddleston appeared on The Tonight Show, and reflected on the 14 years that he has spent playing the character.

He said: "I was 29 when I was cast, I'm 42 now. it's been a journey. I do think in the finale there are echoes and resonances of every version of Loki that I've played."

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