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Every hidden easter-egg you missed in new Deadpool and Wolverine trailer
Featured Image Credit: Marvel Studios

Every hidden easter-egg you missed in new Deadpool and Wolverine trailer

The new Deadpool and Wolverine trailer is full of easter-eggs, and we've found them all for you

The new trailer for Deadpool and Wolverine has dropped – and it is top to bottom full of references, hidden easter eggs, and d**k jokes.

We are going to focus on the first two and bring you all the easter eggs you may have missed when being distracted by a sleeveless Hugh Jackman (I’m right there with you).

Before we go on – make sure to give the trailer another watch and see which you can spot:


Deadpool and Wolverine marks Deadpool’s first film appearance in the MCU, after 20th Century Fox was purchased in 2019 by Disney in a $70+ million-dollar deal.

With it died their massively successful X-Men films starring Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, as well as marking the return of Fox’s characters to the MCU.

The trailer has multiple references to this, with Deadpool and Wolverine even fighting on top of the remnants of the old 20th century Fox logo.

The 20th Century Fox logo. (Marvel Studios)
The 20th Century Fox logo. (Marvel Studios)

The first appearance of Jackman’s Wolverine is also a throwback itself, to the iconic scene in X-Men: First Class where Magneto and Professor X try to recruit him - and are quickly told to go f**k themselves.

The most obvious reference though is that fans have spotted a number of returning characters, with one shot in particular showing off a bunch of them.

Fans have spotted Pyro (who appeared in the first trailer), Callisto from X-Men 3, Lady Deathstrike from X-Men 2, Azazel from X-Men: First Class and Toad from the very first X-Men.

Comic references are everywhere

Standard for a superhero film maybe – but the new trailer goes above and beyond in it’s comic book references.

My personal favourite is the store behind the pair during their slow-motion shot, called ‘Liefeld’s Feet’. The name is a clear reference to Rob Liefeld, the Deadpool comic creator.

The reference to feet is a reference to how he famously, is absolutely, woefully, completely, terrible at drawing feet. Ouch.

Added to that is a bunch of references to a famous comic – Old Man Logan.

Partially the inspiration for Jackman’s last appearance in Logan, the trailer shows the film taking elements from this.

Ant-man's skull in Deadpool 3 trailer and 'Pym Falls'. (Marvel Studios / Marvel Comics)
Ant-man's skull in Deadpool 3 trailer and 'Pym Falls'. (Marvel Studios / Marvel Comics)

The skull of Ant-man is likely a reference to Pym Falls, a town built around the skeleton of Hank Pym in the post-apocalyptic world of the comic.

The trailer also has Wolverine described as ‘having let down their entire world’. Theories are swinging back on forth on what this could be, but some have theorised that it could be referring the storyline in Old Man Logan where he is tricked into murdering the X-Men.

The Tortured Superhero Department

Love her, hate her, Taylor Swift arrives all the same. The pop superstar has been long rumoured to be appearing as X-Men character ‘Dazzler’, a popstar who converts sound into light in order to fight crime.

Whilst the trailer doesn’t directly reference her, fans have been theorising that the number of cameos and references make it even more possible.

In typical Swifty fashion too, fans have linked lyrics from her newly released album ‘The Tortured Poets Department’, to the film.

The main edition of her album’s last song is Clara’s Bow finishes on the word… ‘Dazzling’.

Combine that with director Shawn Levy being unwilling to rule out her appearing, and her close friendship with Ryan Reynolds – and we’re convinced.

The trailer is just full of references, whether it be the dead Ant-Man, references to Loki, or the confirmation of the freaky villain – and we can’t wait for it to come out.

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