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Kristen Stewart Speaks Out After Viewers Walk Out During Gory Scenes In Her New Horror

Kristen Stewart Speaks Out After Viewers Walk Out During Gory Scenes In Her New Horror

The Twilight actor has revealed her thoughts on people walking out of the press screening of her latest, and very gruesome, movie

Kristen Stewart has reacted to the news that several viewers walked out of a press screening of her latest - and most gory - film.

Although, arguably, most famous for her iconic role as Bella Swan in the hit Twilight franchise, Stewart has appeared in a whole host of films since - with an impressive belt of accolades to show for it.

However, the 32-year-old’s most recent role revolves around something a tad more gruesome than vampires and werewolves.

Directed by David Cronenberg, the Canadian director, screenwriter, and actor dubbed as one of the originators of the body horror genre, Crimes of the Future is Stewart’s latest movie.

Take a look at the trailer below:

First screened to an audience last week at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, the horror definitely horrified viewers.

With disturbing graphic imagery and enough gore to make Saw look tame, it’s no wonder that several guests at the Cannes Film Festival were unsettled, with some even having to leave the theatre.

However, Stewart wasn’t phased by the walkouts. Speaking to Insider, she said: "Everyone loves to talk about how his movies are difficult to watch and it's fun to talk about people walking out of Cannes screenings.”

The actor continued: “But every single gaping, weird bruise in his movies, it makes my mouth open. You wanna lean in toward it." 

Viggo Mortensen, Kristen Stewart, and Léa Seydoux in Crimes of the Future.

Starring the likes of No Time To Die’s Léa Seydoux and Green Book’s Viggo Mortensen, the plot follows the gory work of a celebrity performance artist, Saul Tenser, who actually performs live surgical procedures as part of his art. 

Part-horror part-social commentary, Kristen Stewart plays the role of Timlin - the timid assistant of a bureaucrat from the National Organ Registry, Wippet. 

Stewart’s character, Timlin, gradually becomes more and more fascinated with the work of this bizarre performance artist. 

For Cronenberg, also responsible for the notoriously chilling titles of Crash and The Fly, the attention to the metamorphosis of human organs and bodily evolution seems to be a recurring trope.

Featuring 'desktop surgery', dystopic cults and some very questionable eating habits - it’s of no surprise that even Stewart herself was initially baffled by the concept. 

Kristen Stewart isn't phased by the high levels of gore in her latest movie.

The actor revealed: “We, the actors, spent every single day after work being like, 'What the f**k are we doing?' But then I watched the movie last night and it was so crystal clear to me.”

Instead of disgust for the controversial gore scenes, Stewart simply stated: “It never repulses me, ever.

"The way I feel, it is through really visceral desire and that's the only reason we're alive. We're pleasure sacks,” the actress concluded. 

Regardless, it's fair to say that Kristen Stewart’s newest role is a million miles away from Twilight or Charlie’s Angels. 

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