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Keanu Reeves says his dream MCU role would be to play Ghost Rider

Keanu Reeves says his dream MCU role would be to play Ghost Rider

Nicholas Cage cover your ears.

Keanu Reeves has revealed his dream Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) role would be to play Ghost Rider.

While appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the 58-year-old spoke of his love of comic books.

Kimmel asked the actor which superhero role he’d love to play on the big screen. 

The A-listed responded: “10-year-old Reeves would want to — I think he'd probably want to be Ghost Rider."

The comedian proceeded to ask the actor if he’s declined any Marvel superhero roles in the past and Reeves successfully dodged the question and humbly praised the MCU instead.

He said: “It's really cool. I think the way that the Marvel films have developed and what they are is really spectacular and it would be great to be a part of that."

Kevin Feige, what do we have to do to make Reeves appear in the MCU? No doubt, witnessing the actor ride in on a fiery motorcycle as Johnny Blaze would be nothing short of spectacular.

The Marvel boss confirmed to back in 2019 that the studio has been trying to get the actor to be a part of its films for quite some time, telling the outlet, ‘we very much want to figure out the right way’.

While speaking with Kimmel, Reeves also promoted his comic book BRZRKR, which he created alongside Matt Kindt, with Ron Garney as the illustrator.

Kimmel revealed that the comic book’s first edition sold over 650,000 copies, officially making it one of the most popular new character graphic novels of the century.

With all of its success, it’s no wonder Netflix has already announced a live-action film adaptation and a follow-up anime series, with Reeves starring as the lead.

The actor told Collider that, while it’s still early days, there’s a 33 per cent chance he’ll direct the flick.

Earlier this week, filmmaker Mattson Tomlin posted a photo to Twitter revealing that he had just finished the film’s first screenplay, which sent fans into a frenzy.

One person wrote: “About to be as epic as the comics.”

Another commented: “We know it will be epic boss.”

While a third person shared: “I cannot f**king wait to see this!”

Featured Image Credit: REUTERS/Ringo Chiu/Alamy. Sony Pictures Releasing

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