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Netflix viewers are calling Jonah Hill’s new mental health film ‘truly life changing’

Netflix viewers are calling Jonah Hill’s new mental health film ‘truly life changing’

Jonah Hill is presenting a documentary about his therapist Stutz.

Netflix users are urging people to watch Jonah Hill's new 'life-changing' documentary about mental health.

The 38-year-old actor has headed in a different direction for his latest project, a candid conversation with his therapist, the eponymous Dr. Phil Stutz.

But this documentary film - which was also directed by the 21 Jump Street actor - isn’t just a straightforward chat, it delves into different film styles and topics as well as Dr. Stutz’s life, with Hill also participating as a subject.

Dr. Stutz is one of the world’s leading psychiatrists who has helped a range of patients over the last 40 years, including ‘world-class creatives and business leaders’ according to the official Netflix synopsis.

Viewers also get a chance to be walked through Stutz’s visualisation exercises, known as The Tools.

Featuring candid conversations about Dr. Stutz’s and Hill’s mental health journeys, the film aims to frame the journey toward mental health in a manner that is accessible to anyone, whether or not they are actively seeking help.

Jonah Hill directed Stutz.

The film has clearly gone down extremely well with viewers who have shared the utmost praise for the film as well as both Hill and Dr. Stutz.

Amateur critics at home have given the 90-minute film incredible '10/10' reviews.

"I just watched the most beautiful and raw movie/documentary I’ve ever seen," one Twitter user began their review. "If you haven’t watched Jonah Hill's movie Stutz you need to experience it."

Meanwhile, another Twitter user shared: "Jonah Hill's documentary Stutz featuring his therapist is amazing. Two hilarious, emotionally evolved men having vulnerable conversations on camera. Try not to melt. Incredible."


Another reaction said: "I feel like Jonah Hill's documentary is gonna do great things.."

While a Twitter user, who called therapy a 'gift', wrote: "Really loved Jonah Hill's new movie, Stutz. I hope it reaches a lot of people. What a gift and privilege therapy is."

"Jonah Hill's new movie on Netflix with his therapist #Stutz is why you’re paying 10.99 a month," another Twitter user declared. "Such good tools on how to better your mental health."

One viewer shared their emotional reaction to the film, writing: "If you’ve got an hour and half and don’t know what to watch, put Jonah Hill's new movie on called Stutz. Well worth it. About his therapist and the journey of bettering your mental health. Hits deep, whether you struggle or not."

And another Twitter user tweeted: "Jonah Hill's new docu about his therapist is AMAZING, it’s called stutz on Netflix and everyone needs to watch it asap especially if you struggle w mental health issues/trauma."

Dr. Stutz is Hill's therapist.

Stutz arrives three months after the Wolf of Wall Street star announced he would no longer promote his movies - including this documentary - to protect his mental health. Hill said public-facing events had 'exacerbated' his anxiety attacks.

Stutz is available to watch on Netflix now.

If you're experiencing distressing thoughts and feelings, the Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) is there to support you. They're open from 5pm–midnight, 365 days a year. Their national number is 0800 58 58 58 and they also have a webchat service if you're not comfortable talking on the phone

If you live in the US, help is available through Mental Health America. Call or text 988 or chat You can also reach Crisis Text Line by texting MHA to 741741

You can also call 1-800-985-5990 or text “TalkWithUs” to 66746 at the SAMHSA Disaster Distress Helpline

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